Forex I Just Trade 7 Currencies

Forex i just trade 7 currencies

Cryptocurrencies based on omni protocol

Welcome everybody, let us first agree on thread main slogan: "Market is full of opportunities! we need a few of them"

#important: we appreciate other opinions that may have different look, and prove that some of our positions are wrong due to one or many reasons.

we all here to assist each other. when you secure me from the loss, you are the master.

This thread will be a record of my transactions on my broker available instruments, either currencies, indices, commodities or metals.

Who can post here, and what should he avoid?

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you will read: The forums are provided exclusively for traders to collaborate, debate, and exchange ideas about trading.

when you are either 1) one of my mutual subscribers(buddies) or 2) a High Impact member.

Forex i just trade 7 currencies

you can post here.

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Forex i just trade 7 currencies

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Thread linked account credentials

All pending orders will be shown in this thread attached account login: 116055098,investor password: zxc123, server: MTCOOK-Demo

for buddies (mutual subscribers) they can see it on FF trading explorer.

Thread Trading Method Taboos

all positions will not conflict with my following 8 taboos:

do not

1) sell immediately after breaking up,

2) buy immediately after breaking down

3) trade at abnormal trading times!

4) Add to a losing position unless trading philosophy depends on fracturing main entry Lot(Graded Lots/Graded pips).

5) Use market orders.

(always use limit orders)

6) Stay in a position simply because you're already in it.

7) trade tested areas

8) Chase price.

Trading Philosophy:

1) No-risk account: account#1 named "For Buddies"

- dedicated as a record of our pending transactions,

- a monthly target of 10-25%

2) risky-account: account#2 named "SWED"

- in this type, the risk is higher, Graded orders, usualy some of the pairs we recommend.

- monthly target 200%

I hope readers find this thread the "treasure" beyond their wildest dreams.

All position should be shown in attached trading explorer.

the main idea behind any opportunity is many technical analysis, and will be illsuatred in detail before putting a pending order.

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refer to our taboo #5 -- "do not use market orders"

Finally: our monthly target is 10% to 25%, our drawdown should be the minimal as possible.

it should not exceed 12.5% under market extreme situations.


Update-1: if any Stop Loss Condition satisfied, we simply put SL on entry point.

Update-2 @ 15.10.2019: "SWED" account reached the worst threshold line, -85%, now it is -95%, therefore SWED of October ended early, and we have to wait for next month to start again "Dangerous SWED account" -- first month trial failed.


Table of contents (to be organized later)

-we speak about multiplicative pairs and divisive pairs

-we speak about pip value General rule with examples

-we speak about smart indirect stop loss theory, demonstrated through practical example

-we speak about extreme and normal and idle cases for non-dollaric pairs(crosses)

-we speak about compound pair theory

-we speak about my six standards that signify a professional trader

-we speak about strength in diversification.

-we speak in short about trading news

-we speak about any pair speed or velocity.

Some Forex mathematical Basics:

any pair BBBQQQ, is composed of BBB as Base currency, and QQQ as the Quote currency

and assuming the Denominating currency to be DDD(usually for most brokers DDD = USD as an account currency)


Pip Value Equation:

Therefore, for any pair BBBQQQ whatever is your broker, whatever the leverage, whatever the pair name, whatever the size of your position, etc...

Forex Trading for Beginners

1 Pip Value is:

PipValue = QQQDDD * Lots * ContractSize / 10^(Dc-Do)

where Dc is the number of digits after decimal, while Do is the number of digits omitted from right to left.


Reserved Margin Calculations:

For any pair BBBQQQ whatever is your broker, whatever the leverage, whatever the pair name, whatever the size of your position, etc...

Reserved Margin or simply Margin is:

Margin = ContractSize/Leverage*Lots*ZZZBBB*BBBDDD

Where ZZZBBB=1, for currencies, and it is the price of indices, stocks or commodoities,

Thread Rewards

There will be 3 personal gifts each month for those who participate in efficient way in this thread.
#3: Gift of 35.71 USD for 3rd rank.
#2: Gift of 71.43 USD for 2nd rank.
#1: Gift of 142.86 USD for 1st rank.

to make environment better and raise hopes of anyone seek a bit of hope.

Forex i just trade 7 currencies