Forex Gain Code Trading System

Forex gain code trading system

Submit by Janus Trader 02/01/2017

Double Gain is trading system based on two trend-momentum indicators: CSS Diff an forex gain.

Forex Gain Code Review - Best Forex indicators for long-term trading

This template can be used either as trend following and as a trend reversal.

These are two free but professional indicators.

Time frame 15 min or higher.

Financial markets:any.

Metatrader Indicators:

CSS Diff (default setting),

Forex Gain code, absolute alerts: length 27, presmooth 1, smooth 5, range 27, multiplier 4.2 .

The great feature of this indicator is that you can you can use a many algorithms for moving average.

Trend following


Forex Gain code buy arrow.

CSS Diff >0.


Forex Gain code buy arrow.

CSS Diff >0.

Great in trending market

Reversal Trend


CSSdiff red bar

Forex Gain code buy arrow.


CSSdiff blue bar

Forex Gain code sell arrow.

Very good in sideways market.

This system has an excellent distribution of profitability.

I prefer to use this system in trend.

Exit position at the opposite arrow or with fast profit target.

In pictures double gain in action.

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Forex gain code trading system