Automatic Trading Forex Crypto Currency

Automatic trading forex crypto currency

Best Automated Trading Bots For Crypto Currency (How To Make Money In 2020)

What are Cryptocurrency Auto Trading Robots

Cryptocurrency Robots are softwares or algorithms specifically designed for automated trading of crypto currencies.

These softwares are purposely created to allow beginners to make profits from the emerging crypto market.

However, these robots are also used by experienced traders when they prefer not to execute trades manually or do not have the time to closely follow the market.


How Crypto Robots Work

Robots use various strategies generated by a number of algorithms; these produce a series of trading signals which feed the strategy of crypto robots.


There are 2 main types of Crypto Robots, downloadable and web-based (recommended):

Web-based Crypto Auto Trading Robots

Web-based softwares for auto-trading represent a further advancement of trading signals,

where instead of the scenario in which the signal provider spreads out signals for traders to execute manually, transactions are executed automatically by the robot.

Generally, there are real people / expert traders behind web-based softwares, working 24/7 to deliver signals to traders but

still following technical analysis principles and technical indicators.

Most of these robots and especially those offered on our sites, are totally free of charge.

In order to start using these robots, it is required for customers to register and make a first deposit (generally around $200 to $250)

with one of the brokers recommended by the robot.

It's then the broker who will pay a fee to the robot provider and that's solely how the robot owner will make his money.


Downloadable Cryptocurrency Robots

Downloadable auto-trading solutions have been around for longer than web-based robots.

however these are now not as common and performing as their web-based rivals.


Typically these tools require traders to download and install sometimes pretty heavy files in their personal computers in order for traders

to start using their services.


These softwares are programmed with trend-seeking and volume indicators,

which are able to search the charts for opportunities to enter into a long term trend, even if the initial move was missed.

All these robots utilise advanced trading strategies, including Martingale, Fibonacci, MACD and Parabolic SAR.


The main issue with Downloadable robots is due to the lack of constant updates,

for example for new crypto currencies, new technical indicators,

which in some of the most successful web-based robots, are updated almost on a daily basis,

allowing traders to benefit from newly launched and rising crypto assets,

as well as particularly performing trading strategies.


Why Choosing a Cryptocurrency Robot Over Manual Trading

The rise of diffusion of crypto auto-trading softwares is due to the need to help more people join the booming cryptocurrency market.

Generally speaking these robots have been created to allow novice traders to make money even without having the

necessary experience to trade manually.


With the current state of crypto currencies, with all main cryptos constantly increasing in value,

robots will “buy & hold” crypto assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and more,

thus increasing customers balance and generating up to 88% profits on a monthly basis.


Crypto Robots are not just used by beginners but are also commonly used by the more experienced traders

when they do not have the time to follow the cryptocurrency markets,

at night for example or when the trader isn’t able to follow the hectic movement of the underlying market.


Most of these robots, especially Bitcoin Code and Ethereum Code,

have risk settings where traders can determine in advance how much profit they are likely

to make as well as how much of their capital they are willing to risk.


It's also important to say that these robots are linked to top-brokers offering other services outside of the actual robot.

We recommend you to speak to one of the brokers agents who will consult with you as to what

the best trading strategy you should use to increase the chances to deliver profits.