Samsung Creative Labs Cryptocurrency

Samsung creative labs cryptocurrency

Arushi Dubey Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 10:36 EDT Modified date: Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 10:36 EDT

Samsung has launched its Galaxy S10 with cryptocurrency wallet and they enclosed more details about the potential of cryptocurrency wallet of the phone.

Samsung creative labs cryptocurrency

The most revealing detail about the Galaxy S10’s crypto wallet is that it doesn’t support major cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The wallet is called ‘Samsung Blockchain Wallet.’ As per the Coindesk report, the wallet will only be going to support only Ethereum coin and its tokens.

This information about cryptocurrency wallet leaked in January, and in an official statement by the company come out in February that the wallet will support the reliable storage of private crypto key functioning with ‘Samsung Knox.’

The Samsung’s cryptocurrency wallet “Dapps”, the main Dapp that is present in the wallet are: South Korean blockchain powered beauty review app called “Cosmee”, the Ethereum supported gaming concentrated crypto asset “Enjin coin”, the other app is “Cryptokitties” a gaming system, and “CoinDuck” cryptocurrency exchange and transfer service.

Samsung with its launch of Crypto wallet has become one of the few companies that introduced crypto and blockchain related phones, Sirin Labs launched the “Finney Phone” last year, with the ability to store the cryptocurrency and its price is $1,000.

Then HTC launched its HTC Exodus last October, this phone is available for preorder and can only be bought paying with cryptocurrency and it has a digital token storing wallet.

Breaking News: Samsung Confirmed Galaxy S10 Has Bitcoin/Ethereum/Crypto Wallet As Standard Feature!

In last year December, there were rumors that Samsung will launch its wallet with the major cryptocurrency Bitcoin app and it will use fingerprint or PIN to unlock the app for security purposes.

It is not clear by Samsung that cryptocurrency wallet in Galaxy S10 will be available at the global level or the company will first restrict it to selected regions.

If the cryptocurrency wallet of Samsung becomes successful, then the company might launch the crypto wallet in their all next-generation phones.


Arushi Dubey

Samsung creative labs cryptocurrency