Wat Zijn Large Cap Medium Cap En Low Cap Cryptocurrencies

Wat zijn large cap medium cap en low cap cryptocurrencies

I find market cap to be one of the primary determinants of crypto returns.

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An investor can still earn decent returns investing in Bitcoin, which is the first successful blockchain and beneficiary of crypto network effects. But my experience is that the junior lesser known crypto currencies will provide much higher returns albeit with high risk and volatility. 😡 Suggest not making an investment unless you invest capital that you could afford to lose.

Artbyte (ABY) – $5.5M market cap
This is a tipping currency for artists of all kinds, e.g.

Wat zijn large cap medium cap en low cap cryptocurrencies

actors, film makers, dancers, models, painters, photographers, sculptors, writers. The community includes a music store where artists can sell their work and keep 100% of the profits and an artist show case where one artist per week receives a prize from the ArtByte foundation and a showcase of their work on the ArtByte platform. The value of the ArtByte tokens should grow in proportion to the growth of the ArtByte network and the number of users tipping and receiving ArtByte currency.


Bata (BTA) – $3.2M market cap

Bata is a digital currency that has been developed to replace trade dollars in traditional barter systems.

The vision is to create a new system, aka the Bata Barter platform, to help break away from the system of debt based money. The total number of Bata shares is 5 million which means this is a scarce asset out of the gate (unlike say Dogecoin with billions of shares oustanding) and the platform will be built on the Stratis protocol which is very popular with investors.


Darcrus (DAR) - $5.8m market cap
This is a platform for SQL replication and business recovery.

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From their website “Instead of setting up redundant SQL servers everywhere with real-time streaming replication, servers, IT support, and expensive disaster recovery/COOP planning, we are building front end templates to take advantage of the decentralized databases of the blockchain. DAR is $5.8m or 0.003% of Oracle's market cap of $188B which means that this platform is a low cost bet on database technology.

By comparison, Oracle has 41% market share in the database market.

Wat zijn large cap medium cap en low cap cryptocurrencies

Even a miniscule 0.25% market share in the global database market for Darcrus could lead to a $1B+ market cap for this crypto token given the current modest market cap. I have been buying this on recent selloffs including yesterday.


Viacoin (VIA) - $28M market cap
This is a digital currency based on Bitcoin and allows creation of applications on top of the Viacoin blockchain including decentralized markets, issuance of new tokens, reputation management and voting.

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Transactions are 25x faster than Bitcoin. Improvements in the pipeline include anonymous payments, support for the Trezor hardware wallet and SegWit integration. This crypto has appreciated rapidly in the last three months, so it may be best to consider buying only on retracements.


Voxels (VOX) - $15M market cap
This is a platform for creating and trading virtual reality assets with a native crypto token.

Voxelus allows you to build virtual reality worlds which has some similarities to Minecraft which was purchased by Microsoft for $2.5B in 2014.

Wat zijn large cap medium cap en low cap cryptocurrencies

An opportunity was created when this currency was delisted from Poloniex and the crypto still trades at a faction of the initial offering price in the current 2884 satoshi range. The other unique point about this crypto asset is the founder is Halsey Minor, who is one of the original investors in CNET and Salesforce.com.


All of these currencies are traded on the Bittrex exchange.

If a reader considers these for your crypto portfolio my suggestion is that they comprise no more than 2% to 10% of your total crypto asset value combined and consider purchasing them on selloffs since these are highly VOLATILE!

And there is always risk of loss in investing. NB The opinions on this blog solely reflect the views of the author and do not constitute an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security, product, or investment.

Good luck with your crypto investments and please share your ideas as well!


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