Wat Is Lucky Cryptocurrency

Wat is lucky cryptocurrency

Wat is lucky cryptocurrency

Luckycoin Network

Luckycoin is an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. The global Luckycoin peer-to-peer network is protected by advanced cryptographic algorithms. Sending Luckycoins over the global network is easy and secure and the coins arrive within a few minutes.

Wat is lucky cryptocurrency

The Luckycoin wallet software necessary to send and receive coins is supported on multiple platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android. The development of the Luckycoin cryptocurrency is coordinated by the Luckycoin Foundation.

The Foundation also supports the Luckycoin cryptocurrency with a global server network of Luckycoin core nodes.

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Luckycoin Wallet

The Luckycoin wallet software allows you to send and receive Luckycoins over the global Luckycoin network. The current version is Luckycoin v1.0.1.

Linux Luckycoin source code
Windows Luckycoin-QT wallet
Mac Luckycoin-QT wallet
Android Luckycoin mobile wallet

Luckycoin Forum

The official Luckycoin forum and the Bitcointalk thread are places to discuss the Luckycoin cryptocurrency.

The forum and the thread are moderated friendly places where you can share your experience with the Luckycoin.

Wat is lucky cryptocurrency

News are always posted in the forum or thread to keep everyone up to date with the latest developments.

Join the Luckycoin forum and get free Luckycoins!

Follow the Luckycoin Foundation on Twitter: @LKYFoundation

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