Waarom Plots Koersstijging Cryptocurrent

Waarom plots koersstijging cryptocurrent

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Indeed, they've been heard.. but I do not fully understand the winning..

Isn't it natural, that when I need storage for engineering materials, I go back to The Bubble, go grinding and slowly empty my limited storage from "easy finders" (like materials for SRV fuel and repair)?

Waarom plots koersstijging cryptocurrent

I improve my module, then back-fill my supplies and carry on exploring (or whatever it is I like to do)?

The game's biggest issue is balance.. wherever you look - lack of balance is just killing some of the very good ideas and everything starts from lack of in-game information on how to do/obtain stuff

- No solid information (engineering description is not precise/consistent enough) on where with no failure obtain the rares, causes the spin of all the pilots crazy tendency to hold on to every precious bit of rock as they may need it for the next synthesis..

Games existed prior to "Google Era" and had to struggle to deliver all the hints in a tasteful way

- Even if you finally find a pattern for your "super rare"..

Waarom plots koersstijging cryptocurrent

chances to find it are very low.. another grind

- You finally have what you need.. let's roll the deices - yet another step of randomness of current engineering

and so on, and so on..

Waarom plots koersstijging cryptocurrent

I know - nothing new, and I also hear that they are about to address it soon.. does Sandro and the Gang fully appreciate the gravity of the situation though?


2nd most expensive cryptocurrency

Last year I finally built my dream exploration ship.. I rolled for FSD more than 200 times (was not lucky with a "God Roll" but it's not too bad) and finally have my anaconda jumping about 65LY with everything I want to carry..

Waarom plots koersstijging cryptocurrent

this process alone threw me away from the game for weeks and months, until I regained my patience and strength to finish the grinding and finally have what I wanted.. Every time I had to convince myself to go back, finish what I started..

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"Common, it's just few weeks more wasted and you will be flying what you love".. Maybe I am not super bright, but with the amount of time I spend for the game, it should have been way easier for me..

Can you trade options and stock on same day

instead of exploiting some questionable functionalities, re-logon, or unnecessary combat, as obviously some materials are almost "single sourced"

So yet again, there is just a a few people that I know, that have so much time for this game as I do.. what about the others, how are they supposed to enjoy?