Understanding Technical Analysis Cryptocurrency

Understanding technical analysis cryptocurrency

Understanding technical analysis cryptocurrency

I am a Cryptocurrency technical analyst, a Cryptocurrency YouTuber, and a long time Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiast.

I've been in this market for long enough to experience a Bitcoin bull run, bear market, all time highs, and everything in-between.

Understanding technical analysis cryptocurrency

Through experience, daily technical analysis, interaction with the great cryptocurrency community, and uncountable hours of research, I've managed to build a full time income, and an amazing following here in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

I speak from the heart when I say that the day I discovered Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency space, my life irreversibly changed for the better.

Predictions and Analysis

I knew in that instant that I would never be the same man again, although I did not yet know the magnitude of the experience. Within an hour of hearing the word "Bitcoin", I was setting up new email accounts, exchange accounts, moving funds around, subscribing to prominent cryptocurrency YouTubers, and trying to learn as much as I possibly could, as fast as I possibly could.

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My life had changed, and I knew it.

That was over a year ago, and I've been studying the cryptocurrency ecosystem every single day since.

Understanding technical analysis cryptocurrency

On November 16th, 2017, I uploaded the first video to the Crypto Jebb channel titled "Is Bitcoin Overextended?". As it turns out, Bitcoin was overextended, but it would be exactly one month and a day until December 17th, 2017 for Bitcoin to set $20,000 as a concrete all time high.

Ever since watching Bitcoin hit $20,000 live, I've been aggressively growing the YouTube channel, and seeking to grow myself as a technical analyst, trader, and investor in the space.

Understanding technical analysis cryptocurrency

These investments in myself have paid dividends, and my journey as a YouTuber has only further solidified my position that the best investment one can make, is one in themselves.

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