Transmission 2.84 Ipk Optibox Evo

Optibox Evo E3 HD - Axas-Support - Installazione CCcam

Please note this is a rebuild of your existing core. We can send out boxes to you and have them picked for you (please see Inbound Shipping for more details).

Better investment then crypto

Pricing may change significantly depending on condition. If you are interested in purchasing a core, please contact us for availability.

We take your trans and apply all applicable technical service bulletins and updates as well as modify the oiling system and a few other tricks to make it shift really well.

This trans build is used by the quickest and fastest EVOs around.

Included Features:

  • New 1st gear synchro
  • New 1-2 shifting sleeve
  • New 2nd gear synchro
  • New 3rd gear synchro
  • New 3-4 shifting sleeve
  • New 4th gear synchro
  • New 5th gear synchro
  • New 5-R shifting sleeve
  • New Reverse Synchro
  • New input shaft seal
  • New shaft end seals
  • New axle seal
  • New 3-4 fork
  • New input shaft bearings
  • New high strength roll pins
  • New 1,2,3,4,5,R synchro springs
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Bead blast
  • New thrust plates
  • New thrust plate retainer
  • New Oil guides
  • Shims

Option - $770 4.11 Final drive upgrade
Option - $495 EVO 9 1st gear ratio
Option - $325 EVO 9 5th gear
Option - $535 EVO 8 3-4 conversion for EVO 9 transmission
Option - $250 REM ISF® Process gearset with rails and hub/sleeves
Option - Revised ratios available
Option - $600 6spd to 5spd install kit (must be purchased with a new or rebuilt 5spd transmission)
Option - $357 Billet output tube