Topps Allen & Ginter Cryptocurrency Card

Topps allen & ginter cryptocurrency card

2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball returns with its unique mix of baseball and non-baseball stars.

Star Wars Living Set™

The iconic set features a multitude of inserts, parallels, and hits for all sorts of hobbyists. Collectors can expect to find three hits per hobby box including autographs, relics, buybacks, or rip cards. 

2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Base

The Allen & Ginter base set features 300 of the top MLB stars, Rookies, and retired greats as well as non-baseball champions.

Additionally, base Short Prints showcase 50 subjects not found in the regular base set. Parallels include Silver Portrait (Hot Box Only) and Glossy (1/1).

Furthermore, the much smaller Mini cards feature an abundance of parallels and short prints to chase.

Regular Mini parallels include Allen & Ginter (1:5 packs), Black Border (1:10 packs), No Number (#d to 50), Brooklyn Back (#d to 25), Wood (1/1), and Glossy (1/1).

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Additionally, Mini Short Print parallels include Base (1:13 packs), Allen & Ginter (1:65 packs), Black Border (1:30 packs), No Number (#d to 50), Brooklyn Back (#d to 25), Wood (1/1), and Glossy (1/1).

Other Mini sets include Mini-Sized Metals (#d to 3) and Mini Stained-Glass Variations (#d to 25).

Topps allen & ginter cryptocurrency card

Both sets feature 150 subjects.

Finally, Framed Mini parallels include Cloth (#d to 10) and Printing Plates (1/1).

2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Inserts

2019 Allen & Ginter Baseball features brand-new full-size and Mini insert sets. 

Full-size baseball sets include Ginter Greats and Baseball Star Signs, which pairs star players with their astrological signs.

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Non-baseball sets include Mares and Stallions, Incredible Equipment, and The History of Flight.

Additionally, Mini sets include:

  • Collectible Canines: showcasing various dog breeds;
  • Look Out Below: celebrating picturesque waterfalls from around the world; 
  • Chugging Along: featuring different types of engines;
  • Lost Languages: highlighting languages and dialects no longer spoken;
  • In Bloom: featuring rare and beautiful flora;
  • Dreams of Blue Ribbons: showcasing the world’s most curious contests.

2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Autographs

Moving to autographs, the Framed Mini Autographs, which highlight MLB greats, stars, and rookies, are an Allen & Ginter staple.

Also, Non-Baseball Framed Mini Autographs highlight personalities and world champions. Parallels for both sets include Black Framed (#d to 25) and Red Ink (Limited).

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Additionally, rarer options include Autograph Relic Book Cards and Dual Autograph Relic Book Cards, both numbered to ten.

Finally, scarce one-of-one Cut Signatures showcase historical and pop culture figures.

2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Relics

Allen & Ginter features an abundance of relic options.

Topps allen & ginter cryptocurrency card

First, Full-Size Relics and Framed Mini Relics highlight baseball rookies and stars as well as world champion athletes and personalities.

Furthermore, brand-new sets include Presidential Pieces Mini Relics (#d to 25), Full-Size Arrow Head Relics (#d to 5), and “Have Ball, Will Travel” Token Relics (#d to 5).

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Also, the hobby only DNA Mini Relics highlight various ancient fossils.

Lastly, one-of-one Framed Originals feature 100 original Allen & Ginter buyback cards.

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2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Rip Cards

Rip Cards are another staple of Allen & Ginter Baseball. Rip Cards are full-size cards which feature an unknown, exclusive Mini card inside. Collectors have to choose between keeping the Rip card intact, or “ripping” the card to discover the exclusive mini inside.

Topps allen & ginter cryptocurrency card

Options include Rip Cards and Double Rip Cards. Double Rip Cards feature two exclusive minis inside as well as two players on the full-size card.

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Exclusive Rip card content includes:

  • Artist Originals: one-of-one paintings on mini cards.
  • Mini Exclusives: mini base cards numbered 351-400.
  • Metal Mini Exclusives: numbered to 3.
  • Mini Wood Exclusives: One-of-One.

  • Stained Glass Variation Exclusives: 1 per box loader rip card.

    2018 Allen & Ginter Blaster.

2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Box Loaders

Box Loaders fall one per hobby box in 2019 Allen & Ginter Baseball. Options include Box Loaders, Box Loader Autographs (#d to 15), Look Out Below Box Loader, N43 Box Loader, and N43 Box Loader Autographs (#d to 15).

Also, there are brand-new Box Loader Rip Cards featuring Stained Glass Variation Exclusives.

Allen & Ginter Recap

  • Cards per pack: 8
  • Packs per box: 24
  • Boxes per case: 12
  • Base set size: 350 cards
  • Release date: July 17th, 2019

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Topps allen & ginter cryptocurrency card