Should I Sell My Cryptocurrency Today

Should i sell my cryptocurrency today

Should i sell my cryptocurrency today

I have been holding my Ripples for months now and ever since the pump couple weeks ago I am not sure if I should continue holding or sell them.

Its been bouncing between 28 and 30 cents for the last couple of days.

Many folks would say ''It is still a good buy to get in'' but my question is ''Is it worth it?''

Rumor has it that Ripples developers and the banks own more than 70% of the Ripple and to me that is really not a good sign.

If You're Thinking of SELLING Your Cryptocurrency LOW, Listen to THIS! 😱

Afterall, the whole purpose of cryptocurrencies is to get rid of these banks and their control over our money in the first place!

I need to know what you guys think pertaining to ripple.

Please upvote and comment what you would advice me to do.

I'm believe in 60% SELL mode but am I about to make a mistake? Comment your suggestions ASAP :)


Should i sell my cryptocurrency today