Passive Income Cryptocurrency 2020 Steetmit

Passive income cryptocurrency 2020 steetmit

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  • How to earn passive income online
  • What are crypto dividends
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Why are Crypto Dividends Better than Stock Dividends?

Many people invest in dividend-paying stocks.

They also take the earnings and reinvest in additional stocks. However, there is a catch.

Passive income cryptocurrency 2020 steetmit

There is no guarantee that a company that is doing well, is going to pay out any dividends to it's investors.

When a dividend is payed there is often a change to the price of the security.

Here is an example using Apple Stock and trying to earn minimum wage with just dividends:

Here’s how we did the math. First, we took the minimum wage of California, Apple’s home state, which is 8 dollars an hour.

Passive income cryptocurrency 2020 steetmit

For a 40 hour work day that takes place over an average of 22 work days per month, the average Californian minimum wage employee makes $1408 a month, before taxes. Since Apple pays the $2.65 dividend quarterly, we multiplied $1408 by three months, giving us a quarterly minimum wage earnings of $4224.

So how many shares of Apple stock would you need to earn $4,224 in dividends per quarter?

Passive income cryptocurrency 2020 steetmit

1,594 shares paying a $2.65 dividend every three months.

And how much does 1,594 shares of Apple stock cost? At writing, the value of one share of AAPL costs $598.35; 1,594 shares would cost you $953,747.32 on the market.

Got that?

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To earn minimum wage on the new Apple dividend, you need to own almost a million dollars in Apple stock. source:

This is why cryptocurrency dividends are so much better. You do not need to rely on the goodwill of a company.

Passive income cryptocurrency 2020 steetmit

Dividends are payed out based on code.

Earning passive income with NEO
Example 1: Let's take a look at NEO and how much NEO we need to earn 1400$ per month: (NEO: 51$ ; GAS: 16.14$)

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