Openwrt Manually Install Ipk

Openwrt manually install ipk

fobo wrote:


I connected router ( to the dhcp server ( configured adsl modem.

Openwrt manually install ipk

I expected it was gonna take an ip but unsucces.

Your router is statically set to, so this doesnt work. You have quite some options:

1) set your "lan" interface in /etc/config/network to use DHCP
2) set a static address out of 192.168.0.x in the same file
3) temporarily configure it, will be gone after a reboot, something like:

The latter is completely reversible and does not do any harm, its gone when you reboot.

Just to be sure, i dont own an 703n: your interface could be named differently (take the name from your config and add the ":1" which configures an alias interface so your current telnet session does not vanish).

Nevertheless: downloading an image is important for a trunk release as they change daily.

Openwrt manually install ipk

If you dont want to set up your own http server, at least store a complete set locally (take the imagebuilder, everything on board). Online update will work only untel the next trunk release using a slightly modified kernel config was built and uploaded, then you have to deal with warnings at least when installing kernel packages.

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