Multi Level Commission For Forex Broker

Multi level commission for forex broker

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Commission is based on the rebate percentage. IB can enjoy up to 65% of spread rebate on FX & Metal, and up to 50% of commission rebate on Commodities.

FX & Metal (Rebate=lot size traded * the fixed spread basis* IB’s rebate %):

Fixed spread basis for FX: $15-$30/lot

Fixed spread basis for Mini account-Metal: $32-$50/lot

IB can earn: $30 * 50%=$15/lot or up to $30*65%=$19.5/lot

Commodities (Rebate=lot size traded * the fixed commission basis * IB’s rebate %):

Fixed commission basis: $10/lot

IB can earn: $10 * 50%=$5/lot