Multi Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Multi cryptocurrency exchange platform

About gobitage

A New Kind Of Cryptocurrency

A new kind of referral Program, that provide high appreciation values and various utility option.

Gobitage is developing cryptocurrency exchange platform which seeks to deliver more upgrade features than any protocol previously developed.

We have team up with various strategic investors around the world.

Introducing rTrader - Multi CryptoCurrency Trading & Exchange Platform

Our partners include leaders work together, share our ideas and seek out innovations, constantly opening ourselves to new knowledge. Our team is continuously developing, and looking for opportunities offered by new crypto trading technologies for successful of Gobitage project.

Gobitage in exchange

We are glad to announce that we are already listed on exchange & you can send/transfer your JSC Coin on STEX exchange wallet.

Trading will also open for all user’s on STEX exchange post completing the Bounty/ICO program.

Bounty will start from 5thNov’19 (04:00 UTC) and ends on 30th Nov’19 (23:00 UTC) & will continue during ICO sales.

Also, ICO/Discounted sales of Jings coin is going to be launch from 10th Nov’19 (00:00 UTC) and on ends maximum on 11th December’19 (23:00 UTC) or earlier whenever all ICO available coin will sold out.


Multi cryptocurrency exchange platform