Mining Multiple Cryptocurrencies At Once

Mining multiple cryptocurrencies at once

Mining multiple cryptocurrencies at once

Crypto currency and blockchain technology is at the top; bringing a lot of youths and even countries to deliberate on it. So is mining.

Mining multiple cryptocurrencies at once

Mining of crypto currency tokens involves the process of minting on new coins; using a technology process (miners) and there is a variable number of tokens you can mine at a particular block.

Mining itself has been frustrating of late; with so many miners leaving them within freebie rewards; complicated machines and frustration sometimes resulting from fraud attempts, higher hash rate, hash flares shutting down bitcoin mining service and more importantly the cost of electro; This had led many miners to many selling off their ant miners, giving up on mining as a whole.

With situations as this, some day some how there is bound to be a way out. What is the way out ?

Mining multiple cryptocurrencies at once

I introduce to us; Minedblock; they provide mining to you as a service.


Minedblock is a mining platform on the blockchain technology aimed at creating a dedicated mining facility that focuses on mining multiple coins from the top 50 coins on coinmarketcap to ensure a diverse range of revenue streams for mining customers to benefit from.

By utilizing a mixture of ASIC units alongside custom built GPU mining rigs, Minedblock aims to offer a fully decentralized mining services where each user can rely on the Minedblock team to look after the equipment and and also ensure they are working at maximum productivity 24/7 with low operating charges.

Why do you need Minedblock?

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I would say you need not to worry much because with Minedblock, you get to mine with ease, easy in the sense that you can let Minedblock to set up your mining farm for you depending on your location and also they help you with the design and maintenance too; all you have to do is put it to work and get your rewards; all at a cheap and affordable fee.

Other benefits of the Minedblock are:

  • Security: Minedblock security is immense; keeping newly minted or mined coins in cold storage until it’s time to distribute.

  • With Minedblock mining services, you get the chance to mine multiple coins to help each miner maximize profits.

  • With Minedblock services; you do not need extra configuration; it will be done for you.

  • You get to save your time, and efforts as you also enjoy the best customer care support as well as a portfolio wallet to watch your minted coins grow.


More importantly; With Minedblock solution miners are not buying a fixed hashrate, but are buying a share of Minedblock whole service.

Mining multiple cryptocurrencies at once

This means that as Minedblock increase the size of the operation; each share grows too.


To conclude; MinedBlock opens the door for crypto currency miner investors to exploit Minedblock mining services from an expansive scale mining activity, mining various crypto resources without the need to purchase, design and keep up costly mining hardware.

For further information about mining on Minedblock, the Minedblock upcoming tokensale (sto) becoming a miner or becoming an investor and other facts, visit the website below and also get whitelisted by subscribing to their news.




Author: oluwani