Mco Crypto Invest Switzerland

Mco crypto invest switzerland


Focused on bridging the gap between blockchain technology and the world of traditional finance, offers a solution for users to utilize their cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.

The main perks: the highly-desired MCO Visa Cards and Crypto App.

But are these products really worth your time and money?

Read the full review and judge yourself.

What is the App and MCO Visacard?

What happens when cryptocurrency and the mainstream banking system collide?

You get Crypto dot com is an investment, trading and wallet app that encompasses a range of products that promote the adoption of digital coins on a wide scale. 

As such, it shouldn’t come as a major surprise that one of the stated goals of the company is to help accelerate “the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.” 

While their main selling point primarily revolves around its MCO Visa Card (we’ll get more into that later), its other products include the Crypto Wallet App with interesting features such as Earn, Invest, Pay and Credit (borrowing), as well as the proprietary MCO and CRO coins.

Each service works together to simplify the process of buying, selling, storing, and transferring crypto and fiat funds, all presented within an easy to use app that even a complete novice can use. 

Pros and Cons

The main highlights that set the company apart from its competitors are the MCO Visa Cards and the Earn and Invest functions.

Using your card for every day purchases pays back 1-5% of the total amount spent in MCO tokens.

And for those who can afford it, staking 500 MCO for minimum six months gives you free access to airport lounges all across the world, as well as 100% reimbursement for you Spotify and Netflix subscriptions.

Pros 👍

  • 1 – 5% Cashback in MCO tokens when using the MCO Visa Card
  • Free to try out the lowest card tier (Midnight Blue)
  • High returns from investment products
  • The MCO Visa Card is accepted practically anywhere that accepts payments from Visa Cards 
  • Great benefits and returns from staking coins 
  • ‘Earn’ function returns up to 18% per year from your Earn deposit
  • For EU citizens: Free Euro deposits and withdrawals with SEPA
  • User-friendly and intuitive app design 
  • Incredibly fast and patient support team

Cons 😭

  • Buying, trading and staking cryptocurrencies shouldn’t be done without properly understanding the risks involved.
  • Your staked coins might lose significant value during the staking period.
  • No desktop version currently available
  • The company has a very limited track record (founded in 2016)
  • Revolut and other popular neobanks currently don’t support instant top-ups to the app although you can still make a traditional bank transfer through these).

Free $50 Sign-Up Bonus

For those eager to sign-up to the app, feel free to use the referral code vuqyrjaau9 (copy the code without spaces) to receive a $50 USD equivalent free sign-up bonus in MCO tokens.

How: Insert the promo code during installation of app or within 10 days of confirming your email.

Condition: Stake minimum 50 MCO to receive the welcome bonus.

Remember, if you want to earn great referral rewards like me, sign up now and share your own code:

MCO Visa CardReview And Comparison

Most people who download the app likely do so to get their hands on one of the highly coveted MCO Visa Cards.

These cards offer a range of unique benefits for their users.

Mco crypto invest switzerland

The primary benefits – allowing users to access their coins with just a simple swipe and earning MCO tokens in return.

Have you ever imagined purchasing your daily shot of espresso from Starbucks with digital currency? Well, now you can. The primary goal of the MCO Visa Card is to provide increased accessibility to cryptocurrency accounts, allowing users to spend them on everyday purchases. offers a range of MCO Visa Cards, including the aesthetically pleasing (but plastic) baseline Midnight Blue card, which requires no stake whatsoever to acquire.

If you’re the dark, brooding type with mountains of money to spend, the cutting-edge metal, Obsidian Black may be more your style (it’ll set you back 50,000 MCO tokens).

Each card comes packaged in tiers, with each level providing an expanding number of benefits.

Here are the general benefits shared across all card tiers:  

  • Available in the U.S. (49 of 50 states), Singapore and Europe (with cards shipping in Q1 2020).
  • Zero annual fees 
  • Overseas spending in foreign currencies
  • Perfect interbank exchange rates 
  • Lowest card tier is free to acquire
  • Up to 5% cashback on purchases 
  • Free shipping 
  • And likely one of the greatest benefits above all else – metal cards and a sexy color scheme 

Let’s review each of the Visa Cards and take a close look at each of their benefits.

Midnight Blue MCO Visa Card (Free)

The Midnight Blue Visa Visa Card is available right away with no MCO stake required, allowing you to enjoy 1% MCO rewards on all card spending.

Mco crypto invest switzerland

You will have an ATM withdrawal limit of $200 USD and an perfect interbank exchange rate limit of $2,000.

Ruby Steel MCO Visa Card (50 MCO Stake)

As the name implies, the Ruby Steel card comes in a refined reddish hue. You will need a 50 MCO stake to apply for this card. Benefits include 2% MCO rewards on all card spending, a monthly withdrawal limit of $400 USD, interbank exchange rate monthly limits of $4,000 USD, and to top it all off, the card is made of composite metal. 

Jade Green or Royal Indigo MCO Visa Card (500 MCO Stake)

This tier provides 3% MCO rewards on all card spending and requires a 500 MCO stake.

These two wonderfully vibrant cards have the same benefits and limits. They’re simply offered in different hues to please those looking for a unique aesthetic.

Benefits include LoungeKey™ Airport Lounge Access for the cardholder, a no-fee ATM monthly withdrawal limit of $800, an interbank exchange monthly rate of $10,000 USD, and a card made of composite metal.

Icy White or Rose Gold MCO Visa Card (5,000 MCO Stake)

You could say this is where the rubber meets the road in terms of impressive card benefits.

That said, the increased benefits of the Icy White and Rose Gold Visa debit cards come at a price (literally). 

You need a 5,000 MCO stake to apply for this card. Benefits include 4% on MCO rewards on all card spending, LoungeKey™ Airport Lounge Access including one guest, a no-fee ATM monthly withdrawal limit of $1,000 USD, an interbank exchange rate monthly limit of $20,000 USD and a card composed of composite metal. 

Obsidian Black MCO Visa Card (50,000 MCO Stake)

For the true high rollers, there is the Obsidian Black Visa Card.

You will need a whopping 50,000 MCO stake to apply for the card.

Monaco (MCO): The Destination Platform For Anything Crypto

It offers 5% on MCO rewards on all card spending, LoungeKey™ Airport Lounge Access plus one guest, a no-fee ATM monthly withdrawal limit of $1,000 USD, and an unlimited interbank exchange monthly rate, and a card made of metal composite.

MCO Visa Card Comparison

Additional benefits of holding a stake-required MCO Card include rebates on entertainment services such as Spotify, Netflix, Expedia, and Airbnb.

Additionally, the card details mentioned in the section above reflected “staked benefits.” We’ll get more into staking in a bit. For now, here’s an overview to help clarify the numerous benefits presented by the various MCO Card tiers: 

Here are the details for non-staking benefits.

CRYPTO.COM REVIEW 💳 Earn Passive Income in USD Stable Coin or Crypto w/ App

As you will see, the percentage of “MCO Rewards on ALL card spending” is lower for each tier (except for Midnight Blue):

The staking period required to order a metal card is six months, and you’ll have to continue holding MCO tokens to maintain the staking-benefits, which will otherwise drop significantly, as shown in the picture above. You’re also required to deposit the funds that will be used on your card. However, does not charge monthly fees or require minimum balance requirements, and you can cash out at any time.

MCO and CRO Cryptocurrency 

MCO and CRO are the utility tokens of and is accepted across a spectrum of popular exchanges, including ABBC, Bithumb, Upbit, Binance, OKEx and Huobi.

The MCO is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum’s blockchain, meaning it can be stored in any wallet capable of holding ERC-20 coins, such as MyEtherWallet, or hardware wallets like Trezor.   

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, MCO can’t be mined and is instead issued in response to deposits into the app.

While MCO can be stored in compatible wallets of your choosing, only MCO coins stored in the mobile wallet will count towards the staking benefits of your MCO Visa Card. 

How Does the App Work?

If you’ve come this far in the review, you might be wondering: How exactly does it all work?

While you might not realize it, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes whenever you use your MCO Visa Card. You’ll notice that with every usage of the card, your balance will go down, much in the same way your checking account shrinks to reflect the double espresso you bought at your local Starbucks. 

Though it may seem like you’re using your coins to make purchases, you’re actually using fiat currency. 

This is where the app comes into play.

The crypto to fiat exchange occurs in the background with each purchase you make. This process involves loans, buy/sell orders, etc. Essentially, the app trades crypto coins on an exchange on your behalf, allowing you to use fiat funds every time you swipe your card to make a purchase. 

Ultimately, the transaction fees are paid by the merchant, as per Visa merchant card acceptance guidelines. While the various MCO Visa Card tiers by themselves have much to offer, has several additional services that makes it an attractive investment and wallet app.

The app serves as a multi crypto wallet that supports half a dozen fiat and cryptocurrencies (55+), including your popular Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

And just like with any normal exchange, you can buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. 

You can also exchange fiat currencies, track coins, and send payments to other wallets.

One of the best features of the app is that it rewards you for inviting your friends.

Mco crypto invest switzerland offers a lucrative referral program that provides $50 USD equivalent sign-up bonuses for you and your friend. 

You can also apply for the MCO Visa Card right on the app itself.

Applying for your card of choice is painless and will only take a few minutes. 

What is Cryptocurrency Staking?

There’s been plenty of talk about staking, but what is it exactly? As defined on the website, “Stake” or “Staking” means the holding of MCO in your digital coin wallet for an agreed period of time in return for rewards.

As such, it’s an incentive to support the blockchain network and to provide stabilization to their operations.

You might recognize the term “stake” from the world of poker, where staking refers to putting money up on behalf of a player in hope that he succeeds.

Obsidian Black

By the same token, when staking in support of the company behind the app, you gamble on the value of MCO, which might go up or down during the locking period. Staking Benefits Review

Applying for a metal MCO Visa Card (those with premium rewards) requires you to lock up MCO tokens with the app for six months. Since not everyone is a fan of saying goodbye to their coins and tokens for half a year, the platform offers a number of benefits for those who dare to ride the wave of chance.

Here’s a complete overview of the advantages staking provides:

Think of the the six month stake to order a metal card as an annual fee that is returned to you are the end of the staking period. Yes, they do offer you reasons to keep the MCO tokens staked, but that is completely up to you.

While we haven’t discussed the individual features yet, let’s nonetheless go through the main staking rewards:

  • For card purchases, you’ll earn more MCO rewards
  • For Crypto invest: 50% discount on profit fees
  • For Crypto Earn: Better annual interest rates

Furthermore, you’ll receive yearly interest in MCO on your stake, credited to your wallet every seven days:

  • With 500 MCO staked, you’ll receive 6% yearly interest.
  • With 5000 or 50,000 MCO staked, 8% yearly interest.

How to Use the App 

Now that you have a grasp of how the system works, it’s time we reviewed how to navigate the app with a step-by-step guide.

The app is highly intuitive, allowing for even first-timers to get around easily. 

Let’s jump in. 

Verifying Your Identity

Before you’re allowed to jump into the app, you will be required to go through a quick verification process.

Project Team

The process involves giving your full legal name, ID, and a selfie:

While the verification process is very straightforward, you’ll have to take extra care when taking your selfie. If you mess up – such as taking your selfie in a poorly lit room – you’ll have to repeat the process over…and over…and over again until you get it right.

Do yourself a favor and save yourself a headache by getting your selfie right the first time.

When finished, you should see this screen here:

You’ll typically have to wait two to three days after this point for the verification to go through. You should receive an email verifying that you have been accepted. You will then be free to access the app.

How to Deposit And Withdraw on the App

Now, a fair warning to those who wish to deposit or withdraw money from the app.

Very carefully double check your wallet address. If you’re off by even a single letter you will put yourself at risk of losing the funds you’re attempting to deposit or receive. 

This is an issue you’ll face with the vast majority of crypto platforms out there. In other words, this isn’t a problem exclusive to only However, it’s still fair to offer this warning to ensure you don’t run into any careless mishaps.

Depositing funds

To deposit funds, simply select the “transfer” option from the home screen:

You’ll be greeted by a page with a wide range of cryptocurrencies, like so: 

After selecting your cryptocurrency of choice, you’ll be presented with your wallet address, allowing you to share it with anyone you see fit so they can deposit funds into your account.

Setting Up Your Fiat Wallet 

Next, you’ll want to set up your fiat wallet.

First select “Home” on the home screen which is the first option from the bottom left.

Then click “Fiat Wallet”.

Now select “Set Up New Currency” on the following screen:

You’ll be presented with options ranging from the US dollar and Euro to the Croatian Kuna to the Japanese Yen.

Select one of the currencies to continue the transfer process.

  • If you’re depositing US Dollars, this page is followed by a page that requires your address and social security number.
  • If depositing Euros, you’ll have to chose between SEPA and SWIFT.

    (SEPA is the easiest and fastest option for citizens of the European Union).

Read the terms and conditions and check the box.

Following that, you’ll be presented with a green screen, verifying that you completed the process of setting up your fiat wallet.   

Now you’ll be free to purchase cryptocurrency on the app.

How to Buy Crypto and Stablecoins

Buying crypto is just as easy as depositing funds into your account.

Simply click on the “buy” button to get started: 

You now have three options for buying crypto on the app. You can either access the amount available in your smartphone crypto wallet, complete the purchase with a credit or debit card, or use the amount available in your fiat wallet.

Using your credit or debit card involves a 3.5% processing fee per purchase which goes to the card processor, not

I personally avoid instant top-ups by card and deposit all fiat through traditional bank transfers (which takes around one business day with Revolut). But this option is obviously not ideal for those looking to buy and sell crypto instantly.

Pick whatever method you prefer, and select your cryptocurrency of choice.

Hit purchase and you’ll be good to go. As a side note, make sure you have the adequate funds to actually complete the transaction.

How to Sell Crypto and Stablecoins

The easiest way to sell cryptocurrency is to navigate to your “Wallet” on the bottom menu bar.

Select the coin you wish to sell.

For the sake of this example, we’ll be selecting Bitcoin. 

As you can see, this account has 0.00916227 Bitcoins available to be sold, equivalent to $83.93 USD.

With the amount input for the example, you’ll see that you will receive 19.92 MCO to your mobile crypto wallet: 

Hit “Sell.”

This sends you on to the final page.

You’ll now have a few seconds to insert your passcode to confirm the sale.

If everything went well, you’ve completed the sale.

Index contracts for difference broker

Now you’ll have these funds ready to be used on your Crypto Visa Card. Earn Review: Earn Interest On Your Assets  

Lets move on to the next step in this review: Navigating Earn. Earn allows you to earn up to 18% p.a.

on your crypto assets, with the annual return depending on whether you’ve got MCO coins staked, and the duration of the staking period. Earnings will be credited to your wallet every seven days, and it will be paid in the same currency as your deposit.’s Earn tool works together with their ‘Credit’ product like a peer-to-peer lending system.

While you lend out crypto, other’s borrow. The business model for Crypto Earn is pretty standard and has been revealed by the company in this Reddit thread:

“The Crypto Earn program is structured to provide capital necessary to fund the growth of Credit product.

Earn is a cost center for the platform (with 2%-8% cost) and Credit is a profit center (with 8%-12%). The platform profitability comes from the difference between the two.”

Bottom line: They make money off the margin.

How to Use Earn

To get started with Earn, tap the logo on the bottom menu bar.

Hit “Earn”.

The next page might look a bit confusing, but don’t worry, we’ll go through everything step-by-step.

First, choose whether you want to earn crypto with (1) 50 or less MCO staked or (2) 500 or more MCO staked.

Mco crypto invest switzerland

The second option brings higher returns, but also carries the risk that your staked portfolio might lose value over time, resulting in an overall loss.

Hit “Start Earning Now” and select the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit into “Crypto Earn.”

The returned interest rate varies depending on which coin you choose.

Select the terms you wish to use (more on this later) and hit “Continue”.

Check that you’ve read all of the legal information.

Enter the amount you wish to lend out.

Here’s some general limits that will help you out with understanding Crypto Earn, with the minimum deposit amount for each currency:

Finalize the whole thing by entering your passcode.

That’s all there is to using Earn on the app. Again, accrued interest will be accredited to your wallet once a week. Earn Staking Durations 

For Earn, offers three distinct staking terms for users to choose from:

Flexible Staking

As the name implies, this is the most flexible plan, providing a low-risk savings solution that allows you to dip your toe in the water, so to speak, and essentially test the service out.

MCO Airdrop in Switzerland

Stake your coins and earn with the flexibility to withdraw at any point, penalty-free. 

1 month 

You can bump up your yearly interest by choosing the 1-month plan when staking your cryptocurrency. The 1-month plan involves locking your coins temporarily. However, doing so allows you to accrue more interest than you would with the flexible plan. 

3 months

The 3-month plan allows you to earn the maximum interest you can earn on the app.

While your crypto may be locked away during this duration (just like with the 1-month plan), you will earn the maximum amount of rewards. 

Who can use Crypto Earn?

As of late 2019, all app verified users except citizens and residents of Hong Kong SAR, Switzerland, or Malta can make money with

How to Track Coins With The Crypto App

Tracking your coins is also a quick process.

Simply hit the “Track” icon on the home screen, and you’ll get a massive overview of allmost all available coins on the market and you can track your coin of choice. 

For this example, lets track the app’s native coin: MCO

As you’ve might have noticed, the MCO, like most coins, closely follows Bitcoin’s development.

The main highlights of the tracking function, I want to mention in this review, are:

  • The “Alert” function: This feature is found in the top right corner, symbolized by the bell.

    It allows you to set alarms for absolute price movements (ups or downs) and percentual movements.

  • The “Sort By” function which allows you to see, among other things, the best and worst performing coins.

While it provides a clean and simple overview, tracking coins on the app is pretty basic, and serious traders will probably prefer following their favorite coins on a larger screen when buying and selling crypto. Invest Review

As with most serious crypto investment apps these days, offers investors an opportunity to leverage automated quant trading (popularly known as robot trading) to make money off their Bitcoin and other currencies.


As a set-and-forget machine-led trading strategy, Invest runs automatically in the cloud without the need for human intervention.

But what exactly is quant trading?

Quant or quantative trading is a piece of coded software that utilizes complex mathematical models to determine when to buy or sell crypto assets (execute orders) by analyzing historical developments and reacting to synchronous market signals.

As the whole topic is extremely complex, I suggest you read this blog post by Amentum, if you want to explore the topic further.

Why Can’t I find Crypto Invest On My App?

At the moment, all Wallet & Card App approved can use Invest except citizens and residents of Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and the US (which is like 75% of all users).

Investing Fees

While trading with Crypto Invest incurs no entry or exit fees, they’ll be charging you a daily fee on all profits made:

  • With 500 MCO or more staked: 9% daily fee all profits
  • With 50 MCO or less staked: 18% daily fee on all profits

To avoid confusion, they’re not touching your initial deposit which will remain intact through the period, but they’ll be deducing a “success fee” from your gaining.

For example, if you started out with $100 deposit with no MCO lockup, and made $5 the very same day, they’re taking $0.90 cut, equal to 18%.

  • For users with 500 or more MCO staked, deducts an initial 18% fee, and credit the remaining 50% difference to your account by the end of the month.
  • Fees on earnings are collected once a day at 00:00 UTC, or when you withdraw part or all of your funds. 

Some would argue that daily compounding fees kills any long-term investment goal, but with over 90% of all crypto traders actually loosing money by investing manually, it’s not that unfair to pay for product that’s performing better than most humans. Invest Historical Performance

When it comes to making money off Bitcoin, most cryptocurrency investors know how the market is prone to unexpected and sometimes erratic changes.

Buying and selling coins manually is one thing, but let’s look at how the different tiers in the automated Invest product stacks up against the S&P 500.

Each Invest portfolio outperformed the S&P 500 for the period 7 October 2018 to 30 June 2019.

How to Use Invest

1. To get started with Invest, first select your risk profile:

  • Low Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • High Risk 

At the moment, you can’t change your risk profile, so think carefully about your choice.


Hit the blue “+” in the top right corner to deposit any BTC amount (represented in US dollar value) between $20 and $50,000.

For this example, we’ll deposit 0.018 BTC:

Tap “Deposit”, and confirm your deposit on the next page by entering your passcode.

Shortly afterwards, you’ll receive a confirmation email saying your investment deposit has been received.

3. It takes around 2 hours for your investment to appear in the the app.

After that, your BTC will be exchanged and diversified into different coins and tokens, depending on your risk profile. You can track how your portfolio is performing hour-by-hour and how it’s currently composed.

Invest isn’t well suited product for those looking for short-term performance. For it to work properly, it requires you leave it alone for an extended period of time.

Concluding the Review

While there’s more to the Crypto app, that’s everything you need to know to get around and set yourself up for success.

As previously stated in this review, it’ll take a few days for you to get approved before you’ll have access to the app. 

When you are finally approved (check your email and spam folder), don’t be afraid to experiment with buying and selling small amounts of crypto and poke around with the various features to see what the app has to offer.

Is Safe?

One question you may be asking yourself is whether or not is safe.

To answer this question, we’ll be touching on’s security protocols so you can determine for yourself whether or not this service is reliable enough for you to give it a try. security features include: 

Cold Storage

100% of user cryptocurrencies are held offline in cold storage.

That means you’ll have an added layer of protection against potential hacking attacks. (MCO) Cryptocurrency Review – Changelly’s Coin Review takes its security a step further with a strategic partnership with Ledger, a global leader in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. 

Ledger integrates its multi-signature technologies, Ledger Vault, institutional-grade custody solution, and levering HSM (hardware security modules) to provide world-class security for all users. 

In addition, has cold storage insurance coverage in place to guard against direct loss or theft.

This coverage will provide a financial buffer of up to $100 million USD should the worst occur. 

Hot Wallet 

While cold storage offers added security measures, hot wallets are still needed for the sake of easy accessibility so customers can make withdrawal requests without extended delays.

According to the website, “All funds held in hot wallets are corporate funds and leverage HSM (hardware security modules) and multi-signature key-generation technologies.” 

Fiat currency security 

Safeguarding your coins in only one part of the equation. protects the fiat currency of its users by storing these funds in custodian bank accounts that are secured and regulated, providing several advantages regarding security. 

If you’re a US citizen, for instance, your USD funds will be covered by up to $250,000 due to FDIC insurance coverage.

Why ipo on friday

In addition, the user maintains ownership of fiat funds stored in bank accounts.

That means – or anyone else for that matter (i.e., creditors) – can’t lay claim to your funds.  

Infrastructure security utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its numerous services and world-class features to provide cutting edge infrastructure security. These features include: 

  • Automatic encryption of incoming and outgoing traffic 
  • Network and web application firewall capabilities 
  • Controlled encryption in transit with TLS (Transport Layer Security) across all services 
  • Business continuity in the event of an attack or an outage 
  • You can find more details about AWS security features here 

App security features 

The app employs numerous security features to ensure users are capable of safeguarding their sensitive data no matter where they are.

These features include: 

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) 
  • Withdrawals protection 
  • 24/7 live customer support 
  • Secure coding 

Overall, offers a wealth of security features designed to protect your funds, its infrastructure, and the privacy of its app users.

Due to’s partnership with Ledger, you can rest assured your cryptocurrency is protected by some of the best security in the industry. 

Is Legit? 

With so many scam sites online nowadays, it can be difficult to tell the difference between legitimate services from the fakes. That said, distinguishes itself as a genuine service by its extensive online coverage.  

By visiting’s about us page (and scrolling to the bottom), you’ll find a timeline that follows the journey of the company from inception to present.

Mco crypto invest switzerland

The timeline is fully interactive, allowing you to click on a wealth of links that point to press releases and coverage from a wide range of widely respected crypto news outlets. 

You can also look to’s partnership with Ledger and Visa as signs of their commitment to providing a world-class service for their users. A simple Google search will also reveal reviews (many good, some bad) that demonstrate user experiences with the app. 

YouTube is another excellent resource that showcases’s legitimacy.

There are numerous videos of users actively purchasing items with their MCO Visa Card, demonstrating first-hand that accomplishes precisely what they set out to do – helping to accelerate “the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.” 

Concluding the Review is on a mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible to our daily lives.

It truly is a marriage of the traditional with the cutting edge, allowing even complete novices to get into the swing of investing and using crypto with its MCO Visa Card and numerous staking benefits.

While there’s plenty of good things to say about this app, the company still has a tough road ahead.

Various laws and regulations in multiple locations around the world may not make this service a viable option for everyone.

Still,’s partnership with Visa allows for everyday purchases to be made with crypto funds, drawing the line ever so closer between the world of digital assets and fiat currencies. 

On a personal note, I’ve applied for the Royal Indigo card by staking 500 MCO while writing this review.

It’s the tier I feel most comfortable with for now in terms of risk vs. rewards. If everything goes well, cards should start shipping to Europe in early 2020, and I’ll make sure to update this post when my card arrives.

Alternatives to the App and MCO Visa Card isn’t the only kid on the block that offers a crypto debit card that simplifies the exchange of crypto to fiat with just the swipe of a card.

As cryptocurrency becomes increasingly mainstream, several businesses have popped up to facilitate the need to use cryptocurrency for everyday services.   

Here are a few alternatives to

  • Uquid – Uquid is one of the more versatile options on this list, as it supports more than 40 cryptocurrencies with its crypto debit card.

    To use your card, simply purchase your coin of choice (Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, etc.), and you’re good to go! The company behind Uquid is based in the UK. 

  • Cryptopay – Founded in 2013, Cryptopay is a wallet and payment platform that brings consumers and merchants together to provide easier interaction.

    Cryptopay offers a Bitcoin debit card that supports USD, EUR, and GBP. Unlike many of their competitors, Cryptopay doesn’t require ID verification while applying for their card. 

  • Wirex – Previously known as E-coin issues, Wirex is a popular crypto debit card that’s available in both physical and virtual form. It supports USD, EUR, and GBP, and provides an app for ease of use. In addition, Wirex Bitcoin debit cards provide 0.5% crypto cashback whenever users make in-store purchases.

    This card is currently only available in Europe and the UK. 

  • Nexo – Nexo is a straight forward service that provides its customers with a virtual card free of charge for online purchases. Nexo doesn’t charge transaction fees, and you can access your funds with ease. With Nexo, you won’t have to worry about monthly or annual fees. 
  • Crypterium – Crypterium is a widely popular crypto pre-paid debit card that’s commonly used in Brazil, India, and Nigeria amongst other countries.

    MCO stake.

    Crypterium’s success may be traced to the fact that they’re powered by Union Pay, a popular banking service located in Southeast Asia. Crypterium has an app and offers a single card as of this moment that charges $9 in addition to delivery charges.  

Is It Safe to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

There’s no denying cryptocurrency can be unpredictable. Prices can rise or plunge in mere minutes, causing investors to experience a roller coaster of emotions. Review – Complete Step-by-Step Guide to The Crypto App and MCO Visa Card

The cryptocurrency market can be a volatile place, often scaring off investors who aren’t willing to learn the rules of the trade.

Many of these risks can be offset, however, with a little common sense.

For one, it’s never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket. When it comes to crypto trading, it’s always wise to diversify your investments. 

Furthermore, investors must do their due diligence if they wish to invest in an ICO. Simply investing in a coin because it promises to make you a quick ROI is a great way to walk headlong into a scam. 

These “high risk, speculative investments” are a common way for unsuspecting investors to get conned out of their coins, often leaving a bad taste in their mouth and turning them away from making future crypto investments.  

Because cryptocurrency is digital, your coins can be vulnerable to hackers if you don’t take the time to stay on top of your security.

For one, and this should be obvious, never give out your data while online to anyone, even if they’re a trusted friend or family member. This information can be intercepted and used against you.

Overall, cryptocurrencies can often be too volatile to be considered “safe” in the traditional sense, but as long as the investor plans out their decisions and does their due diligence, they can significantly increase their chances of making successful investments. 

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