London Cryptocurrency Show 2020

London cryptocurrency show 2020

London cryptocurrency show 2020

Vox Markets

Glen Goodman - The Shares Guy talking about crypto on the Vox Markets podcast.

See him at the London Cryptocurrency Show (part of the London Investor Show) on Friday 25th October.
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On The Vox Markets Podcast Today:

Dev Clever Holdings #DEV
Glen Goodman on #Bitcoin $BTC
John Meyer talks about, Bluerock Diamonds #BRD Vast Resources #VAST Keras Resources #KRS

Chris Jeffries, Chief Executive Officer of Dev Clever Holdings #DEV discusses their commercial agreement with the World's number one technology manufacturer and provider to the educational sector, Lenovo.

Glen Goodman, author of, "The Crypto Trader" provides some insights into the world of crypto currency trading.
(Interview starts at 14 minutes 58 seconds)

John Meyer, Mining analyst and partner at SP Angel talks about: Bluerock Diamonds #BRD Vast Resources #VAST Keras Resources #KRS
(Interview starts at 42 minutes 32 seconds)

Plus the Top 5 Most Followed Companies & the Top 5 Most Liked RNS’s on Vox Markets in the last 24 hours.

Vox Markets is revolutionising the way companies engage with shareholders and the stock market at large.

Connecting the Blockchain Ecosystem

By aggregating IR and digital content onto one secure and compliant platform, Vox Markets has established itself as the go-to resource for the investment community.

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Talao - Nicolas Muller - London CryptoCurrency Show April 2018

What a show!

Thank you to all of our wonderful speakers, exhibitors and guests for making Saturday's event a roaring success.

Check out the presentation by Talao CEO Nicolas Muller, where he talks about his de-centralised, Ethereum-based talent platform:

#Blockchain #Ethereum #LDNCryptoShow

Watch Talao CEO Nicolas Muller presenting his de-centralised, Ethereum-based talent platform.

Hit and run forex

Talao gives talent access to a huge panel of companies asking f...

London CryptoCurrency Show reached 50 likes!

London cryptocurrency show 2020

Read their latest posts to see what's new and learn more.

Great shot of our Lunchtime Summit, just in time to catch Jez San from FunFair talking about the ways in which #Ethereum can be leveraged to ensure fairness in the online games industry.

Dylan Leighton from #PromoSteem introducing a fantastic lineup of projects.

London 2020 fireworks streaming live 🔴 - BBC

Full audience for this one - looks like tokenisation is the future!

#LDNCryptoShow #LCCS

Live Streaming - cryptocurrency show 2018 - The London CryptoCurrency Show

Following us from home?

Watch the live stream here: - just in time to catch Talao in action!

#LDNCryptoShow #LCCS #London #CryptoCurrency Attend the London CryptoCurrency Show April 14th 2018, and gain valuable new insight and education into this area, and connect with the industry insiders and market participants.

Set-up is in full swing here in Hammersmith!


Join us at Novotel London West for a day of #crypto and #blockchain chat!

Use code Crypto_500 to get half price entry and as many free panel sessions as you like!

Catch the live streams here:

It all kicks off at 09:00AM tomorrow at Novotel London West!

Follow us on Twitter for live coverage of the event:

And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channels to catch live streams from the Main Auditorium and ICO Central:

London Investor Show :

London CryptoCurrency Show:

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The London CryptoCurrency Show launches this Saturday, 14th April!

What happens to cryptocurrency when you die

Nicolas Muller - CEO of Talao - will be discussing the Tokenization of the Freelance Economy at 10:15AM in ICO Central.

Talao is the first public Ethereum-based decentralized and autonomous platform dedicated to talent. It gives talent access to a huge panel of companies asking for their expertise, enables them to benefit from smart contract-based payments, and allows them to build a strong community-based reputation, thereby disrupting the traditional working industry by eliminating its middlemen.

Get your tickets here:

Cryptocurrency Mining Explained | LBX University

Cryptocurrency Mining: What is it, and how does it work? Cryptocurrency mining explained Unlike traditional mining, cryptocurrency mining does not take place underground – at least not literally...

London cryptocurrency show 2020

Cryptocurrency Workshop 3

Let the countdown begin: the very first London CryptoCurrency Show takes place at Novotel London West on 14th April!

Our 11AM panel session - "ICO Investing in 2018" - features:

Patrick Lowry - Iconiq Lab

Shane Kehoe - SVK Crypto

Lilia Severina - UGlobal Growth

Heremaia Durie - Blockchain Strategy Advisor Main Auditorium (Chablis, Exhibition Hall) Saturday, 14th April 2018; Novotel London West ICO Investing in 2018 REGISTER NOW What is an Initial Co...

Saturday April 14th: Trading Cryprocurrencies Panel - get your tickets here:

Dylan Leighton - former white-hat hacker, futurist & co-founder of #promosteem - will be moderating this exciting panel session, featuring:

Alex Kewley - Thomson Reuters
Richard Muller - Alpha Harvest Limited
Ian Foster -
Brad Marsh - #PACcoin

The discussion will centre around #cryptocurrency markets, day trading, charting signals, and market timing.


See you there!

Saturday, April 14th: Chris Georgen, President and Founder of Topl will be speaking in ICO Central 1 at 13:45 - book your ticket now:

The idea behind Topl is simple: by building an open capital infrastructure tailor-made for developing markets, investment returns and their economic impact can be greatly improved.

Topl's investment protocol is designed to help investors overcome the numerous barriers that suppress the flow of capital into developing regions, thereby raising investment to levels appropriate to the vast potential of these economies.

#London #CryptoCurrency #Blockchain

Iconiq Lab will collaborate on blockchain projects with Finlab AG as they launch their $100 million Finlab AG / JV fund to accelerate development of EOS projects

Exciting news from Iconiq Lab!

Make sure you've got your ticket for the London CryptoCurrency Show on April 14th to see them in action.

Get your tickets here: Frankfurt, Germany, March 2018 FinLab AG is a strategic partner and investor in Iconiq Lab as well as one of the first and largest company builders and investors focused on the FinTech sector in Europe.

Together with, the developer behind the leading blockchain software EOS.IO they announc...

London cryptocurrency show 2020

UGlobal Growth

5 reasons you should attend London CryptoCurrency Show

🔴 Learn which Cryptocurrencies and tokens to watch
🔴Discover the hottest 2018 ICOs
🔴 Appreciate what the Blockchain is & its scale of impact
🔴 Understand how regulation will improve the markets
🔴 Get to Know where the smart money is investing

Join our ICO panel!

Learn the latest ICO investment strategies and discover how to benefit from best performing ICOs. I will see you at 11 AM in the main auditorium!

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Kazé A.

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Onguene - founder and CEO of BRAINCITIES - will be speaking in ICO Central 1 at 14:15.

Braincities refines large volume of data in real time for the HR and financial industries.

They develop autonomous, context-aware recommendation systems that identify patterns and help businesses make better decisions.


A futuristic thinker and entrepreneur with over 15 years' experience in IT project management, recruitment, team building and web development, Kazé studied Software Engineering at ECE Paris and Computer Science at La Sorbonne.

Having founded EMERGENCE GROUP in 2006, a digital media company that turned to IT consulting in 2011, he has spent the last 15 years using his creativity and resources to help companies like France Telecom, Pierre & Vacances and Le Figaro adapt their businesses to digitisation, as well as developing web-based projects.

Entry Fees

Using AI, robots and blockchain to design cities of the future and a sustainable society, Kazé is militating for Data Commoditization.


Crypto Crackdown?

- Bitcoin Can't Be Regulated - Mike Maloney: "Wall Street and the financial sector are all trying to figure out 'Well how can we get a piece of these profits?', and the way it is engineered - they can't..."

Iconic Lab

The German #ICO #accelerator Iconiq Lab positions itself by turning the industry around: The financing of startups is now 100% through #crypto currencies on #iconiqlab #blockchain #VentureCapital

Techs for Techs - BLOG - The London CryptoCurrency Show 2018 - The London CryptoCurrency Show

Our blog is live for news, reviews, interviews and all the information you need to know about what is happening at The London CryptoCurrency Show 14th of April.

See you there!

London cryptocurrency show 2020 Attend the London Cryptocurrency Show, April 14th 2018 and learn from many mentors. Discover how to invest and trade in cryptocurrency, learn more about investing in ICO’s - the risks and rewards, find out what Blockchain is and the advantages and risks for investors.

An exciting and fantastic day...