Lisk Cryptocurrency Market Cap

Lisk cryptocurrency market cap

Lisk cryptocurrency market cap

What is Lisk?

A decentralized JS-based blockchain ecosystem

Lisk is a next generation platform that allows for the development and distribution of JavaScript based decentralized applications using an easy to use, fully featured ecosystem.

With Lisk’s Sidechain Development Kit, featuring an array of free, open source tools written in JS, it becomes easy to build your own blockchain.

The LSK cryptocurrency currently resides on the Lisk mainchain which will be the hub for all future sidechains.

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This is where you will be able to register your sidechain, and even run your own ICO when the platform goes live.

Your sidechain can be thought of as your own personal blockchain, and can be easily constructed and customized with the Lisk JS tools.

This is where all the data of your dApp (decentralized application) will be housed. As your project evolves, your dapp will scale smoothly in tandem.

Lisk cryptocurrency market cap

Your application will be the interface that will allow people to gain access to the features of your custom sidechain.

The LSK token is used to pay various fees that generate transactions and allow users access to the system.

LSK is one of the most popular tokens in the cryptocurrency space and is consistently to be found among the top 25 coins.