Is Nxs A Good Cryptocurrency

Is nxs a good cryptocurrency

Is nxs a good cryptocurrency

Nexus (NXS) gets strong backing by SpaceX founder

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Nexus Background

Nexus team has a vision to truly decentralize the blockchain technology by using a mix of perfect hardware and software programs.

They are developing foundation for the most decentralized system named Nexus Earth.

"This network will empower everyone from the first world to the third world. Not everyone has money, but everyone has time.

Is nxs a good cryptocurrency

The time has come to decentralize everything. The foundations of cryptocurrency should be built upon decentralized principles.

Is nxs a good cryptocurrency

Nexus seeks to fulfill this mission."


The unique point for their vision is the partnership that serves as the USP (unique selling point).

"Nexus is actively building relationships within the aerospace industry to allow the hardware infrastructure to be compatible with its transaction system. Nexus is building the foundation to broadcast the blockchain and Nexus Network from space.

Under existing hardware infrastructure, cryptocurrency is technically at the mercy of telecommunication and government technology industries.

Cryptocurrencies - Nexus NXS review - should you invest?

With both the development of software and hardware, Nexus seeks to free humanity from centralized financial institutions."


Price Analysis - 30 Min Chart

  • Nexus is having a strong support at 0.00041 BTC (approx $1.763)
  • There is a consolidation going on this level and we saw a good price surge in yesterday's afternoon session where NXS broke $2 resistance yesterday

Price Analysis - 1 Day Chart

  • RSI (Relative Strength Index) is continuously between 50 - 70, which is a good sign for the price to go up.
  • With a circulation supply of 52,001,113, the crypto is grossly undervalued and the currency may see good price surge in coming days.


  • It is a good time to invest in this crypto currency below $2
  • Nexus earth has a very good vision and once the idea is materialized it has potential of giving tough competition to BItcoin & Ether
  • I will suggest to buy some NXS coins below $2 and hold on for a couple of months to make good profit
  • Thumb rule: Only invest what you can afford to lose

Feel free to share your views and strategies for investing/trading in NexusEarth.

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