Ipro Network And Cryptocurrency

Ipro network and cryptocurrency

iPRO Network, a digital education company, announced today, that PRO Commerce released its Cryptocurrency on the public exchanges on Monday, April 24th.

Ipro network and cryptocurrency

The equally anticipated PRO Rebates Online Shopping App, is expected to be released within the very near future.

Seattle, WA, United States - April 27, 2017 /MarketersMedia/ — iPRO Network, announced this week that Pro Commerce released its Cryptocurrency called PRO Currency (PROC), on April 24th, to the public Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

It is expected that Pro Commerce will soon be following up with the release of the PRO Rebates, Online Shopping App

iPRO Network, is one of the marketing arms for Pro Commerce, and whose primary function is to rapidly raise Global awareness and help create usability for Cryptocurrency.

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iPRO Network plans to use Direct Selling as the method for building a Global Distribution Network, and is rewarding Reps with a combination of USD Currency and "PRO" Cryptocurrency, for sales and purchases of iPRO products and services, as well as giving rebates in the form of PRO Crytocurrency, for purchases made from Big-Box Retailers.

iPRO Network, is taking an unprecedented approach to increase awareness and usability of one of the newest decentralized Global Cryptocurrencies called "PRO".

PRO Commerce, launched its initial Coin Offering “ICO”, back in January, 2017, raising over $80K in funding.

Ipro network and cryptocurrency

PRO Commerce recently announced their plans to provide both, Apps, and an E-commerce platform where retailers can easily offer products, and consumers can easily utilize “PRO” as a form of payment for products and services.

PRO Commerce plans to offer Customers and Reps easy access to download PRO Apps, where products and services can be purchased from thousands of well known Global Retailers. The apps will be launched in two phases, with phase one providing a gateway for the masses to adopt Cryptocurrency into their everyday life, with the consumer app called “PRO Rebates”, and the merchant app called “PRO Solutions”.

Phase two, will enhance the way that people use and exchange Cryptocurrency in a simple way, with the consumer app called “PRO Exchange” and the merchant app called “PRO Merchant”.

On the distribution side, Direct Marketing Professionals are quickly taking note of iPRO Network, including Veteran Internet Marketers like Eric Grant and Chris Cartmill, who have co-created many online marketing funnels over the past several years.

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Eric Grant, a serial entrepreneur, and who is the founder of the search engine ranking service ZippyRank.com, has a 20 year background in network marketing and home business. Chris Cartmill has an extensive 15 year background in SEO and SEM.

What Is iPro Network Exactly?

The two teamed up several years ago to create a better way to reach out to other Networkers, and individuals interested in making money from home. They have built several sales networks into the multiple thousands of individuals, by utilizing their online skills and methods.

Connect with Eric Grant

More about PRO, taken from the Pro Commerce website:
“When consumers shop at some of their favorite online retailers and receive PRO through the Coin Back Rewards platform they will become speculators. Once they understand the power of decentralized Cryptocurrency they will discover why Cryptocurrency is far more exciting than traditional cash back.

PRO is social.

iPro Network Review Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

PRO is disruptive. PRO is the Future of Commerce.
PRO - Professional Retail Offering
“We all understand speculation is not enough and participation is what gives a currency long term sustainability.

Ipro network and cryptocurrency

We focus on solutions for consumers and businesses by rewarding them for utilizing Cryptocurrency in their everyday life. PRO’s platform is a simple way for the masses to experience Cryptocurrency without it seeming overly complicated.

What The Heck Is iPro Network Review?

PRO is the gateway to Cryptocurrency. PRO aims to be one of the most recognized mainstream coins through our 2 phase system. Our apps are designed to turn spectators into speculators in a simple way.

We are continuing to build lasting relationships and grow community involvement in blockchain technology.

iPRO Network The next big thing: Cryptocurrency

Participate in the PRO movement today.”

More about iPro Network and Pro Commerce:
iPRO Network, a Direct Selling Company, providing digital educational courses in e-commerce, day trading and several other categories in the online space, is launching it's online shopping portal, offering rebates for purchases made from big-name retailers, with rebates being paid in “PRO” Cryptocurrency.
The PRO online shopping portal App, offers consumers rebates for purchases made from thousands of big-name retailers, with rebates being given in the form of “PRO” Cryptocurrency.

Once available, the PRO Rebates App can be downloaded for free by consumers who have Apple or Android devices. Pro Commerce is the first company to utilize a shopping App to enhance the usability, and increase awareness of a Cryptocurrency.

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iPRO Network, Announces, PRO Commerce Has Set A Date Of April 24th For Launch Of PRO Cryptocurrency On Public Exchanges

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