How To Cash Out Cryptocurrency Reddit

How to cash out cryptocurrency reddit

Sometimes disappearing is the best option

Hello fellow Steemitians,

I have found a secure and safe way to cash out of cryptocurrency. And after what we just witnessed with Poloniex, I don't feel safe using exchanges. So I use Goldmoney. I have been using this company for about a year now to store my emergency savings fund.

How to cash out cryptocurrency reddit

I used to hold my emergency money in a bond fund, but bonds aren't returning crap these days, while gold's ten year average yearly return is around 9%.

Anyway, I started mining Dash a few months ago.

How to cash out cryptocurrency reddit

And Goldmoney is my answer to safely exchange my coins into dollars. Goldmoney is a publicly traded company so it has strict financial rules to follow.

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And it is a bailment company, meaning that even if they go out of business, my gold is safe. Brink's holds it in secure vaults throughout the world.

How to cash out cryptocurrency reddit

You can choose where you want to store your gold. ( If you deposit with crypto, it must go to Dubai vault) A cool feature of this company is that you can send some gold to another account holder for no fee, and it is instant.

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They only charge 1/2 of a percent fee when buying and selling gold. Here is a small video about how goldmoney works with cryptocurrency: 

This is the safest way to change out your digital currency for cash, hands down.

How to cash out cryptocurrency reddit

Please feel free to ask any questions you have about Goldmoney. I have been studying this company for over a year now and have a fair amount of knowledge about it.


If you use my link to sign up and make any kind of small deposit within 48 hours, they will gift you about $10 dollars worth of gold.

My link:

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