Earning Cryptocurrency For Beginners Free

Earning cryptocurrency for beginners free

Last updated on December 11, 2019

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Normally cryptocurrency beginners start cryptocurrency journey through earning free cryptocurrency and tokens.

There are a lot of opportunities to earn free bitcoin and cryptocurrency but you need to select proper programs because a lot of scams are going on. This article will bring legitimate ways to earn free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 5 different ways with simple explanations. If you don’t know what is bitcoin and cryptocurrency refer the articles.

Earning cryptocurrency for beginners free

Let’s dive into the article right way,

What you need before getting started?

In this case, you need cryptocurrency wallet for receiving rewards from free cryptocurrency programs.

16 Ways to Get Free Cryptocurrency

Refer the How to create a Bitcoin wallet and create Ethereum wallet right way.

  • Social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook

You need to Create Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. There is a strategy to increase twitter followers quick way if you want to know please comment below.

Telegram is a chat enable app which is available for Android, Mac, PC, etc.

Bitcointalk is Bitcoin-related forum that is used by Beginners and experts in the industry.

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5 ways to earn free bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Let’s discuss, how to earn free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency right now.

01. Airdrops

Airdrops are easy and popular ways to earn some free cryptocurrency or tokens.

Every cryptocurrency beginner will start earning the free cryptocurrency through the airdrops. Let’s look at how you can earn free bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Airdrop is a kind of promotional method used by ICOs, Established cryptocurrency projects, and exchanges that send out the free coins or tokens to their community for doing tasks such as sharing the social media posts, following twitter accounts, sign up for their projects, etc.

How to receive free bitcoins and cryptocurrency?

To receive free coins or tokens, you need to create a bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet but some airdrop programs ask different wallet addresses to receive airdrops. In this case, you need to follow the instructions provided by the airdrop program owner.

How to find Airdrop?

There are a few sites available to find free and legit airdrops.

02. ICO, IEO, and cryptocurrency bounty

Cryptocurrency bounty is also, a promotional method that is used by the ICOs, cryptocurrency startups, exchanges, etc.

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You can earn free tokens or coins promoting the programs completing tasks such as making new tweets, creating new posts, writing the articles, translating white paper, displaying bitcointalk.org signature, etc.

How to find legit bounty?

There are few resources to find cryptocurrency bounty. Let’s find out,


5 Ways to earn free Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in 2020


Bitcointalk is a popular bitcoin-related forum that uses beginners, experts of community. It publishes the cryptocurrency news, announcement, trends, discussions of popular topics.

There are separate threads used for various topics where main threads are bitcoin, economy, other, alternative cryptocurrency, local threads.

There is a sub-thread which is for new cryptocurrency bounties.

Earning cryptocurrency for beginners free

In case you can select hot, trend, new bounties which are popular among the existing community.

After selecting one or more you need to contribute the bounty according to their requirements where all instructions are given under their bounty announcement.

Here you want to update your campaign status weekly on their thread where you can see other bounty members updating the status.



Bountiesalert is a website that is listed as the most recent bounties.

What is bounty automation sites?

In traditional cryptocurrency bounty campaigns, you need manually update your campaign status such as links of created tweets, facebook post links, article links, etc.

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In this case, It is not easy work and a time-consuming process.

As solutions, there are bounty automation websites which take control of all bounty campaign process. These websites provide services to tracking your Twitter and Facebook data, Telegram chat data, Reddit data, etc.

These websites take control of your payments for your task.

Here is the most popular bounty automation website,


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Bountyhive is the most popular bounty automation website operated since 2017and they are completed 80 plus successful bounty campaigns where they own 150000 users (bounty hunters) on their platform.

Typical campaign types are social media, video, article, translating, signature campaigns, etc.

Earning cryptocurrency for beginners free

You can register the website and start contributing to the listed bounties on right now but there are limited opportunities available because the user base is very high.

If you want to participate bounty campaign, you need to come early and enter the particular campaign.

When a new bounty campaign listed on the platform, they announce it through their Telegram news channel, social media accounts, etc.

Payments are made by the Bounthive platform when the campaign is concluded.

There is a level system used for various types of bounties when you completing bounties frequently level will increase accordingly.

Earning cryptocurrency for beginners free

If your level higher, the platform allowed for special bounties.

Important: A lot of Bountyhive campaigns are legit because Bountyhive tries to list legit bounties on their platform. In case you can contribute the campaigns with confidently.

Tdi-with alerts forex indicator

Other than the bounty campaigns, you can participate in Airdrops listed on their website.


Bounty0x is a cryptocurrency bounty hunting platform that has its own crypto token known as BNTY based on Ethereum blockchain.

Bounty0x is very similar to Bountyhive but there are few differences available such as Own token, Automated KYC/AML process, Multyblockchain reward support, etc.


They support the various campaign type types such as social media, articles, airdrops, translating, survey, animation creation, etc.

As you can see they publish the transparency report on the Bounty0x blog for each and every campaign.

03. Free Bitcoin and faucet sites

There are few websites give you free Bitcoin for doing some task such as Visiting the site daily, viewing ads, completing offers, rolling dice, etc.

These websites are run various advertisements for making revenue which part revenue paid out for its community.

Considering the reward, it is a too small amount but you can increase the amount using referral.

Let’s look at legitimate and trusted free Bitcoin and altcoin paying sites as a list,


Freebitco is one of the popular websites which was run a long period of time.

There is a small game you need to run, you will receive a small amount of bitcoin for playing the game but you can play the games once per hour.

Also, you can increase account balance using bet HI, bet LO game.

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Other than free Bitcoin, you can bet for future events, buying lotteries, participating contests, etc.

If you want to bet for higher amounts, refer How to buy bitcoin with credit/debit card.


Contiply is bitcoin faucet and reward site which is paying for completing tasks and offers, completing simple surveys, watching videos, etc. According to the Contiply website own a 600 000 user base and 450 000$ worth of bitcoin paid out for its users.


Moonbit is Bitcoin faucet, you can claim a few satoshis visiting the website every 5 minutes.

Before you get a start, you need to create a Coinpot account which is a Bitcoin micropayment wallet and using Coinpot’s email address you can sign up for the Moonbit website.

There is another similar website available using Coinpot which is Moondoge, Moonliteco, Bonusbitcoin, etc.


Btcclick is a legit free Bitcoin website that is paying bitcoin for viewing the ads display on their website.

Minimum you need to watch the particular ad for 5 seconds before closed the ad where timer has displayed.

There are few ads display on their website every day, you need to check and click ads daily basis to earn a high amount of free Bitcoin.

How To Earn FREE Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

04. Coinbase earn program

Coinbase earns the program is all about educating the blockchain project for free cryptocurrency where you can earn up to 130$.

Earning cryptocurrency for beginners free

There are few projects have listed on the Coinbase website such as EOS, Basic Attention Token, Stellar lumen project, Dai stable coin project, 0x protocol, etc.

How to getting started?

Let’s go to the Coinbase website. Then create an account and go to earn program. There is some project, select one of them.

Earning cryptocurrency for beginners free

Then watch videos and solve the quiz. If you are successfully completed, you will receive the mentioned cryptocurrency into Coinbase wallet.

05. Earn cryptocurrency while reading a blog post

There is a website called Publish0x.com that pays the cryptocurrency for reading blog posts listed on the platform.

The blog posts consist of the cryptocurrency news, guides, tutorials and many more where the posts publish the authors of the platform. Publsih0x provides the reward pool for both readers and authors where the currency can be BNTY, HYDRO, DAI, BAT  tokens.

If you are the reader you can decide the payment percentage for you and the post author.

Also, you can get paid 6 times per day. When you collect the minimum amount of the cryptocurrency above, you can withdraw collected cryptocurrency to you own personal wallet.

Publish0x.com allows anyone to become the author of the platform.

Earn cryptocurrency on pc

Also, you can earn a larger amount of cryptocurrency writing the blog posts.

Conclusion- Earn free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Buying Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is not easy online, also it is a too risky investment. There are few free ways to earn free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with legit and possible ways. This article will discuss major and popular ways to earn free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

If you want to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrency follow the article.

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