Does Daniel Craig Uses Cryptocurrency

Does daniel craig uses cryptocurrency


Believe it or not, everyone nowadays proclaims to be a crypto investor on Twitter, even those who barely have experience in the space mention themselves as a crypto proponents/influencer in their bio.

Does daniel craig uses cryptocurrency

Following a genuine crypto influencer on Twitter is very enlightening because they are actually the people who are building the community and are very truly influential and therefore in this article we will see some of the genuine crypto investors whom you can follow in Twitter to enhance your knowledge on the subject cryptocurrencies.

Vitalik Buterin

He proposed and created Ethereum in 2015 being a dropout from his college.

He is one of the person who is to be followed on Twitter.H e is a straightforward person who is not afraid of speaking it as it is.

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He has no fear for stating his unique and critical opinion around many peculiar problems of open-blockchain projects like Ethereum and Bitcoin. In his Twitter, he writes sometimes and they are quite mind-blowing where he discusses scalability, ICOs, DApps, security etc. There are some of the noble tweets that are very likable among people.




Andreas M.

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Andreas is one of the most prolific speakers particularly in the subject of bitcoin and open- blockchain. He mostly tweets about the basics of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Scalability and scam awareness.

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The main thing not to be missed is his unmatched sarcastic wordings. He also tweets well-recorded speeches about bitcoin and other various multi-dimensional insights. He does this to spread awareness about the most important inventions.

Charlie Lee

Charlie is the creator of Litecoin cryptocurrency which is the silver standard in the cryptocurrency space.

The truth about digital currency technology, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Lee works fulltime on Litecoin and now he is an Ex-Director of Engineering at coinbase. Charlie had really accelerated the adoption of Segwit not only for Litecoin but also for bitcoin too.

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His atomic tweets have encouraged the developers around the world and mostly he speaks about Bitcoin, Scalability, forks, atomic swaps etc.

Riccardo Spagni

Riccardo is the creator of Monero the most anonymous and private cryptocurrency in the market.

Riccardo is someone with a very great sense of sarcasm. His tweets are fun to read and he never feels shy to express his opinion.

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His tweets are mostly about Monero and other private cryptocurrencies but also incorporate bitcoin scalar drama.

Jameson Loop

If you’re in search for an intelligent people building with bitcoin then your search result will end here.

Jameson Lopp is one of the pioneer cypherpunks who is been working on bitcoin for many years and he is an experienced team member of the Bitgo team but he recently quit from it to create his own crypto wallet called Casa.

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His tweets reach out to a wide range of audience stating from bitcoin beginners to bitcoin advanced developers and the topics range from bitcoin basics to lightning networks. He has knowledge in a few more fields like politics, social, philosophical angles related to bitcoin, the blockchain, and cryptocurrencies too.

Trace Mayer

Mayer is an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist and ardent defender for the freedom of speech.

Does daniel craig uses cryptocurrency

Trace is a veteran investor in the traditional markets such as gold and he was the first blogger who started recommending Bitcoin when it was $0.25 per BTC in early 2011. He holds a degree in law and accounting and he studied in Austrian economics focusing on Rothbard and Mises. Most of his tweets revolve around bitcoin and its economics, and also a broader comparison with the assets of bitcoin and his latest tweet about Mayer Multiple turned many heads as it was about the right buying time for Bitcoin based on its past 200 days.







Max Keiser

Max is a very bold speaker and a proponent of bitcoin who has been introducing Bitcoins to the masses when it was at the price of $3 per BTC.

Does daniel craig uses cryptocurrency

The Educational tweets he writes are very funny and also he shares the whole theory of how bitcoin and other cryptos are sucking the economic activity from the traditional markets.

He at times tweets about his predictions on bitcoin.

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Does daniel craig uses cryptocurrency

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