Coin Spectator Real Time Cryptocurrency News Viacoin

Coin spectator real time cryptocurrency news viacoin

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Have you invested in cryptocurrencies? If so, then you will definitely be knowing about the balance between technical and fundamental indicators. With this emerging crypto market aggregators such as Coinspectator have come up.

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Let me drive you through this unbiased Coinspectator Review which will let you know what is good and what is not, so that you can advantage from them.

News Feed

Coinspectator is a news aggregation site that focuses mainly on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The main feature of Coinspectator is its news feed.

Coin spectator real time cryptocurrency news viacoin

It is a 24/7 news aggregator which allows traders, investors and crypto enthusiasts to keep up with the fast-paced nature of this market. Hence, providing its users with the tools needed to quickly and effectively act on this information.

Next to each article, there are up and down voting buttons.

Coin spectator real time cryptocurrency news viacoin

These buttons makes it easy to pick out reliable sources, as inaccurate articles will instantly accumulate negative votes. People can also mark “Bullish”, “Bearish”, “Shilling”, and “FUD” on each article.

CoinSpectator Verdict

The most useful feature of Coinspectator News feed is that the user can easily switch between latest news and top news for the day. Hence the users can see which news is trending. Eventually, CoinSpectator news feed is a useful and versatile tool for those who trade or are simply interested in cryptocurrency.

ICO Feed

The ICO feed of Coinspectator allows its users to see which ICOs are active, upcoming, ended, and proven to be scams.

Coin spectator real time cryptocurrency news viacoin

The ICOs are listed with start dates and end date, containing its social media accounts, whitepaper, BitcoinTalk thread and other resources. Hence, making the process of researching an ICO to invest quite an easy task.

Coin spectator real time cryptocurrency news viacoin

Coinspectator lists scam ICOs which is actually a major positive thing. This is because it can be notoriously complex to figure out the untrustworthy ICOs.

Viacoin Ico Details

Price Ticker

The price ticker of CoinSpectator appears at the bottom of the page. Basically this covers the price and percentage movement for ten coins.

Also, the ticker covers BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, EOS, XLM, LTC, USDT, ADA and XMR.

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This is an added advantage as the users need not constantly switch between CoinSpectator for news and CoinMarketCap for price data.

Final Thoughts

CoinSpectator is one such tool that lies among the most reliable cryptocurrency news aggregators.

CoinSpectator has simple UI, number & quality of sources.

Latest Viacoin News

The site also gives you the opportunity to keep track of the upcoming ICOs. Eventually, the site is a powerful tool for keeping all the crypto information up to date.

Also, it is useful to both cryptocurrency traders and to the people who are interested in the market.

Coin spectator real time cryptocurrency news viacoin

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