Buy Cryptocurrency With Amazon Gift Card

Buy cryptocurrency with amazon gift card

Buy cryptocurrency with amazon gift card is a platform that promises to let you shop on Amazon using with cryptocurrencies and save up to 25%. Here’s our review.

What Is Bitcart?

Bitcart is a discount gift card platform that wants to help you turn your cryptocurrencies into real goods and services from retailers like Amazon. is a unique concept where you can shop with cryptocurrencies and get a discount on your online orders.

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Basically, you use cryptocurrencies to buy Amazon gift cards. Or, you can create your Amazon wishlist, then use Bitcart to pay for the items on that wishlist.

Overall, Bitcart promises to be “the most affordable crypto card”.

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It also promises fast shipping and a simple interface. You give bitcoins to the company, and the company buys bitcoins or Amazon items at a 15% to 25% discount.

Although the company has “bit” in its name, it’s no longer accepting bitcoin.

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Bitcart has been in headlines this past week for ditching bitcoin. The company ditched bitcoin over its long transaction times.

Buy cryptocurrency with amazon gift card

At the time of writing (June 8, 2017), Bitcart was only accepting Dash.

In a statement, Bitcart CEO Graham de Barra stated that Dash “is by far the best e-commerce token in the world and it completely solves the instant transaction and settlement problems bitcoin currently faces.”

Dash’s market cap has recently gone from $77 million to $1 billion.

The digital currency has surged in demand since introducing its Sentinel platform earlier this year.

How Does Bitcart Work?

Bitcart lets you use Dash to spend money on Amazon.

Buy cryptocurrency with amazon gift card

In the future, the company plans to add The main advantage of Bitcart is that shoppers receive a 15% discount on their Amazon purchases (the same discount will be available on

Essentially, Bitcart lets you buy or sell bitcoins with Amazon gift cards while enjoying discounts. You can buy up to $10,000 at a time.

Buy cryptocurrency with amazon gift card

Some of the core features of the platform include:

  • Works Fast: Receive your gift card within 24 hours.
  • 15% Off: You get up to 15% off on all orders.
  • Very Fast & Secure: Bitcart is the easiest way to shop online with Dash (bitcoin is still mentioned on the official website, but it’s no longer accepted).

How To Use Bitcart

Step 1) Create a wishlist on
Step 2) Send Bitcart a total order amount

That’s it!

You send Bitcart your dash, then wait for Bitcart to fill the order.

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The service provides updates along the way.

You can also do the above steps with a gift card if you’d rather just have your dash transferred into Amazon credits.

Overall, the company promises to offer cheap, fast, and easy services.

You enjoy the benefits of a dash card without the hassle or identification requirements.

About Bitcart

Bitcart is based in Ireland.

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The company is led by CEO Graham de Barra. They initially launched in 2015.

According to a recent press release announcing the partnership with Dash, the majority of Bitcart’s customers come from the United States and Asia.

Buy cryptocurrency with amazon gift card

In a statement, de Barra praised the partnership with Dash and claimed it would help the company grow worldwide:

“With Bitcoin falling to 66% of the total market share, and Dash recently climbing to the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency, I have no doubt that our customer-base will increase with this implementation.”

You can view the press release on

Bitcart Conclusion

Bitcart is a popular cryptocurrency service that lets you transfer cryptocurrencies into Amazon gift cards or Amazon products.

The company recently ditched bitcoin in favor of Dash.

The decision was made after Bitcart repeatedly experienced problems with bitcoin (including long transaction times) while experiencing no problems with Dash (they integrated Dash six weeks ago). In the future, the company plans to add and other retailers to the platform.

Ultimately, Bitcart lets you enjoy discounts of 15% to 25% on Amazon items.

You can visit the company online today at