Best Earn Cryptocurrency App

Best earn cryptocurrency app


Earn Cryptocurrency today without needing to spend money. I have compiled a list of the best ways which I use on a daily basis to accrued various Crypto tokens.

I made this list to show my friends who were asking about Crypto but I figured I should just post it here for everyone to see!

My Top Picks!




Top Free Android apps to Earn Bitcoins Fast

Pi Network

3. HoneyMiner

4. Idle-Empire


Games are my new favorite way to earn Cryptocurrency.

There are loads of great games out there that give you a steady flow of various tokens.

Virtual currencies have existed in games since their early days.

Some games even have their own virtual economies such as in Eve Online or World of Warcraft. However, the currency in these games has never truly belonged to the player.

Cryptocurrency is the natural progression for video game titles.

My Top Picks!

The player should be rewarded for their time investment by being given full custody of the in-game account and everything it contains. This is just the beginning.

5. Crypto Idle Miner

6. Merge Cats



Other Apps!


11 Free Apps That Pay You Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

9. Swissborg



Brave Browser

11. CryptoTab

12. Phoneum


You’ve made it to the end of my top 12 list of best ways to Earn Cryptocurrency for free. I’m sure there are a load more ways but these have worked the best for me and I suggest them to everyone looking to get started.

Many of these tokens are punts.

Router rental best option in us

Maybe they won’t be worth anything, maybe the value will spike. To me, they are like free lottery tickets and the more you have the better.

Well done!
You have reached the end of the starter course!!

Thanks for reading! I hope the guides have been of help.

Best earn cryptocurrency app

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Please take due care and diligence when looking to earn Cryptocurrency.

As you can imagine there are a lot of malicious agents in this area.

Earn Bitcoins For Free in 2019 . 3 Best Apps/Websites to Make Money

Always take caution when giving away your personal data and make sure it is a reputable coin and website. You don’t want your information leaked!

We are not financial or investment advisers, and the information on this site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial advice.

The first app on my list certainly deserves it’s #1 position. Electroneum is a Cryptocurrency app that gives users free ETN tokens for pushing a button once a week.

The app has a high potential reward with no costs. It’s available on the App Store and Play Store.

Best earn cryptocurrency app

No mining is done on your phone. It’s all done remotely.

Best earn cryptocurrency app

When you close the app you will still be earning free tokens!

Use Code: 6D4958 to receive a mining bonus.

Pi Network is a brilliant new cloud-mining app. It gives the user some free PI tokens for pushing a button daily.

Pi is currently in phase 1 of development so you are currently unable to buy and sell Pi until phase 3 when it reaches the main net. Any accrued Pi from the current app is to be honored and paid out at that time. So here’s your chance to get in early!

Join the CozyCrypto mining team on Pi Network

You may have read about mining before.

Supported By

However, the vast majority of people don’t have the necessary equipment to be able to mine Cryptocurrency effectively.

HoneyMiner allows you to earn Cryptocurrency just by having your computer turned on. It uses its spare resources to generate Bitcoin.

It’s arguably the easiest to use Crypto miner. Just download and you’re off and away!

Start earning with HoneyMiner

Idle-Empire has an excellent suite of tools for earning Crypto which you can choose from.

In particular, it has a program that allows you to collect rewards for contributing CPU resources.

Start earning with Idle-Empire

This is my personal favorite of the games and apparently you guys share the same opinion as some of my most popular articles are about the game.

In Crypto Idle Miner you run your own Crypto Mining empire!

Chancen und risiken ipo

You can buy (free) mining rigs in-game in order to earn more Crypto. Join the leader board and get a lump sum of free HORA tokens weekly.

Play Crypto Idle Miner
See our Full List of Crypto Idle Miner Promo Codes

Buy cats, send them flying with their jetpacks around a racecourse.

Storm Play

Use the money to buy more cats, merge them together to make more money, etc! Get 50 SOUL tokens daily and more for daily spins, achievements and unlocking new areas.

Play Merge Cats Here

Hedgie is a quirky game where you send your Hedgehogs off on adventures.

I have been playing with just the free starter Hedgie and upgrading my house to improve the rate of energy regeneration.

One day I hope to buy a second Hedgie to really get the Curio tokens in faster. You can get loads of nice Crypto-related products in the Curio store

Get your very own free Hedgie Here!

Invest your Crypto and start getting a decent return.

Best earn cryptocurrency app

Get your Cryptocurrency working for you. They offer amazing rates of interest for your Crypto in their Earn product.

Furthermore, has an insanely good referral program.

Does trump like cryptocurrency

Use offer code SYZMJWOVFA to receive $50 when you stake 50 MCO. When you’ve finished making your account you will also get a code to share with your friends!

Open a free account with

With this app, you can predict whether Bitcoin is going to rise or fall.

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android & iOS

You can wager the number of points you like daily and gain or lose points depending on the outcome of BTC!

You earn 50 CHSB for each badge you receive. If you manage to unlock the hall of fame badge you will receive 1000 CHSB. However, that will require 20 referrals as part of its requirements so good luck!!

Use code: IE7QXZA and receive a bonus!

Start earning BAT tokens now just by using the Brave browser.

It’s my new favorite browser which has replaced Firefox.

Ironically, it has been made by the same creator of Firefox!

10 Best Cryptocurrency Cashback Rewards and Rebate Apps

Brave has excellent privacy and protection features. It is also extremely fast and responsive.

Download Brave Browser

CryptoTab is a browser which mines Bitcoin while you use it.

Best earn cryptocurrency app

Like Brave, you can use this on your computer or your phone.

While I believe in staking sats wherever possible, I am personally more inclined to use Brave as it is faster and lightweight. Though you may find this fits your lifestyle better.

Start earning with CryptoTab

Phoneum is an app very similar to Electroneum in that it gives free PHM tokens weekly.

Being Tricks

While PHM tokens aren’t worth too much, this is easy to use and goes perfectly alongside Electroneum. 30,000 is the minimum required to cash out to a different wallet and like Electroneum, this does no mining on your phone and won’t affect battery life.

Start Earning PHM today!

Phoneum has 2 other apps for generating PHM tokens: “Crypto Planet” and “Crypto Treasures”.

However, both of those apps require constant focus and do not pay out a worthwhile sum.

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