Are Forex Brokers Insured

Are forex brokers insured

Are forex brokers insured

Find Forex Brokers By Regulation Authority below. On each page, you can find complete information about each regulatory entity and Forex brokers that are licensed and regulated by them.

Why trade with a licensed & regulated broker?

When you choose a certain Forex broker to whom entrust your money, you need to know which regulatory body oversees their overall operation and how effective their methods are.

With a regulated FX broker, there are regulations set in place to prevent unethical business conducts and protect your financial assets at all costs. These strict measures are taken to ensure the safety of your funds and bring you peace of mind so you can trade without worrying about losing your hard earned cash.

How to choose a regulated Forex broker?

The supervisory entities such as CySEC, FCA, and ASIC among other known financial authorities are committed to following several regulatory protocols including audits, reviews, evaluations, and penalties which prevent brokerage firms from fraudulent financial activities.

Safety of funds

A fully regulated Forex broker always keeps clients’ funds in separate accounts at top tier banks.

Meanwhile, the whole process is regularly audited by the relevant regulatory authority. Other measures such as offering negative balance protection, diversification of clients’ funds, Investor Compensation Fund, and encryption protocols of all the transactions are taken to provide extra means of security.

Also, all the regulated forex brokers are required to have sufficient capitals defined by the supervisory entities.

Business Ethics and Fair Practices

The rules and regulations are set to make certain that all the licensed FX brokers always offer fair financial treatment and act ethically towards their clients.

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Brokers ought to be regulated in the same country where their operations are controlled, so their compliance with the provisions is guaranteed. Moreover, they must present their clients with quality services including fast and reliable executions, reasonable pricing with no hidden fees, and transparency in their operational status.

Deposit Insurance (Compensation Schemes)

Deposit protection programs such as Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) of Cyprus and Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) of the UK are designed to protect the covered customers and compensate them if the member organizations such as Forex Brokers could not hold up their end of the bargain or went out of business for a number of reasons.

Are forex brokers insured

ICF and FSCS would reimburse the clients up to €20000 and £85.000 respectively. You can benefit from such compensation programs only if you’re registered with a regulated Forex broker.

How to choose a regulated Forex broker?

Broker’s Trading Products

Forex Brokers that are regulated by world-class supervisory entities like CySEC, FCA, and ASIC can be trusted to handle your funds.

These Brokers are bound by the laws and regulations to meet the minimum capital requirement; additionally, they have to keep your funds in separate accounts at top level banks for further protection.

Are forex brokers insured

The regulations are laid down to guarantee that the clients are handled ethically and professionally. You don’t want to get in business with Brokers that present a good front, but in fact, have no legal basis.

There are things you need to take into account while choosing your Forex Broker among which regulation is of utmost importance.

You need every useful tool at your disposal to flourish in your online Forex trading career.

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Having access to trading products, which are the best in terms of quality, can have a big impact on your trading performance. The best Forex Brokers often provide a variety of trading accounts (Cent, Micro, Standard, and ECN), quality trading conditions (optimum level of leverage, lowest spread on trading instruments - fixed or floating), high order execution speed, MetaTrader trading platform (Desktop, Android/IOS, and Web), Daily markets overview and analysis by experts and additional trading tools, all of which can make your online Forex trading a lot easier and more effective.

Go with a Forex Broker that you can count on for support, one that has the means to answer your questions and make your problems (account problems, general inquiry, technical issues, etc.) go away at all hours given the 24/7 nature of this gigantic market.

Choosing a Forex broker?

You can find out how good a Forex Broker is just by observing their Client Support Services. Are they easily accessible via Live Chat, Email, or Telephone when you need them?

Are forex brokers insured

Do they possess ‘The Know How’ to address your problems? Highly reputable Forex Brokers consider clients’ every need and that is why they have a support team in various languages.

Why trade with a licensed & regulated broker?

Some of them even assign a Personal Manager for every client’s account.

There is a reason why some Forex Brokers (Regulated by CySEC, FCA, ASIC, etc.) are recognized as the best in the FX industry.

They normally meet the capital requirements (Solvency) by law, their establishments are deeply rooted, and they cover a large geographical area in their scope of responsibilities and invest in the quality of their trading products and services for their clients.

Such regulated Forex Brokers are often in business with highly admirable liquidity providers to bring to you the most favorable prices that the market has to offer. They are transparent, fair and trustworthy and their client support system is one of the best, and they have the highest satisfaction among traders.

Another important quality to search for in a highly recommended Forex Broker is the ability to provide security for your assets.

Are forex brokers insured

Regulations make Forex Brokers put your deposits in segregated accounts at internationally well-known banks. Additionally, these FX Brokers are bound by the laws to be a member of Compensation Schemes Organizations like ‘Investor Compensation Fund’ and ‘Financial Services Compensation Scheme’ to secure the clients’ funds.

Are forex brokers insured

ICF and FSCS would repay the clients up to €20000 and £ 85,000 in the case of bankruptcy and so on.